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Joe Blow

I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-19, 7 years ago.

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Cruz to Texans With Pre-Existing Conditions: You're On Your Own - 16 hours ago

What a POS this knuckle dragger is. EL PASO, TEXAS -- Despite overwhelming bipartisan approval of protections for those with pre-existing conditions, Ted Cruz continues to throw his full support be...

Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 16 hours ago

[i]I know addiction is a choice exercised by the weak minded, sympathy seekers who can't handle real life.?[/i] O Jesus Christ, that is your opinion which sounds completely ignorant and uneducate...

The poster you knew as POTUS has passed away. - 17 hours ago

RIP POTUS. Sorry for your loss, Joelle.

Racism, Fascism, Democratic Party - 17 hours ago

[i] the hypocrisy of the Pubie party.?[/i] Fixed it for ya.

Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 17 hours ago

[i]drugs are easy to get a hold of in Kingwood/Humble/Atascocita. [/i] Drugs are easy to get all over the nation. They're rampant. Ignore the Emperor. He's a know it all who clearly knows lit...

Omarosa's new book - 17 hours ago

Recording of staff trying to cover for Trumpty Dump using the N word. Is anyone shocked anymore by anything this loser president does? Racist pig is nothing new from him.

Cruz once, shame on Ted. - 17 hours ago

[i]Cruz twice, shame on Texas.?[/i] Amen, Brother! Cruz is a waste of air. LMFAO

Trump now admits trump tower meeting was with Russians to get dirt - 7 days ago

[i]Conspiring with the Russians during an election. We're almost there. Thanks, Mueller. Almost forgot....and throwing his son out with the dirty dishwater. What a father.?[/i] Father is not a ...

CNN Attacks Trump Supporters - 7 days ago

That's old faux news. Try to keep up. Tune into Fox for the latest faux updates. LMFAO

Another One For The Liberals - 40 days ago


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