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I joined this crazy place on 2011-05-21, 6 years ago.

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O.J. Granted Parole - 2 hours ago

Lock up your trophies, people, that's all I'm saying.

Real Moms In Swimsuits - 3 hours ago

Awwwww.....Emp.....that's the sweetest thing I've read all week. :) I still ain't puttin' on no bathing suit, though.

Cici's pizza Kingwood - 3 hours ago

We used to call it Feces Pizza.

HELP! New Teacher worries - 1 days ago

You should be able to team up with the other SPED teachers during the 2 week period prior to first day of instruction. Middle school life skills kids are challenging, but, like any kid, they will have...

Groomer recommendation for a large breed dog? - 7 days ago

[i]SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 18 hours ago - quote - hide comments But her horse is a party horse for hire AND a therapy horse and she's got "Internal affairs" stalking her bc of this website........

I know it's hot but - 7 days ago

I had to check the name, Tink, but yes, that's it - Salata. Go, you'll love it.

The small horse - 7 days ago

[i] Ashes --- 15 hours ago - quote - hide comments No I just don't like when someone calls me a liar. That is the one thing I will not tolerate[/i] [img]

Groomer recommendation for a large breed dog? - 8 days ago

[i]Is he certified Esq?? Bc her mini horse is a certified therapy horse for us big city slickers. Your roach may just not compare!! It's all about the credentials!? [/i] Please see my explanatio...

The small horse - 8 days ago

Can we get back on the subject of therapy chickens and cockroaches? My therapy cockroaches present no problem to the HOA because IT SAYS RIGHT HERE IN MY CONTRACT they're allowed. I'll show you all...

Hey Ashes - would you do me a favor? - 9 days ago

Okay, this abuse has to stop. I might not be able to feed my cats in the morning from the stress. Locking this again. And this is the last time I mean it.

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