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Why do regular people vote republican? - 186 days ago

[i]Yeah, that?s what we call don?t jump to the defense of libtards.?[/i] Eewwww, spanked again with the REAL NEWS AKA THE TRUTH. You should be using your non mod account when show...

Why do regular people vote republican? - 186 days ago

[i]Lmfao. That?s rich from you.?[/i] Ain't it. BTW Sigh it's "who's" not whose. I can micromanage too.

Sin is In - 186 days ago

They let loose on family values a longggggg time ago.

Trump pimping North Korea Real Estate - 186 days ago

Looking to build a Trump Hotel on the ocean there. One of the moments that stood out was when Trump said North Korea had ?great beaches.? [b] ?You see that whenever they?re exploding their can...

Why do regular people vote republican? - 186 days ago

Mama has arrived to deliver her ritual spanking. This is the micromanaging I referred to elsewhere.

- 186 days ago

Kim Jongy Baby and Trumpty Dumpty - 187 days ago

Yes great success. He has nuzzled up to one of the world's greatest dictators. Trump-kim.

Ph ....Robert De Niro... - 187 days ago

I'll double down on that.

Trump pardons drug dealer because Kim Kardashian begged him - 192 days ago


Another month of Trump winning - 192 days ago

The American Educators Consortium urged teachers to scrap all White House tours "to prevent the hard work you and your students have been doing from being totally undone." They fear that Trump might ...

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