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Tucker Carlson defends child rape on audio recording - 38 days ago

Tucker is almost as big a pig as Trump is..but not quite. Trump takes the cake.

Republican Senate displays Smackdown of Trump - 38 days ago

It marked the second time in recent months that the Republican-led Senate admonished the president over his administration's continued backing of a campaign that human rights groups have blamed for th...

Valentine's Day - 67 days ago

You're such a Danielle.

Violent trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman in Texas - 67 days ago

[i]Fuzz, that response is the most reprehensible thing I've read in a long time. You don't belong on any forum. [/i] Oh My, let's incarcerate him for having a differing opionion from sdanielmceb ...

Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia - 67 days ago

I don't care what media outlet is publishing it but it's clear it is an opinion of senators, mostly Regressives. We already know how they feel. "[u]But investigators disagree along party lines[/u]...

dow still on a crash course with 1929 - 121 days ago

[i]Oh, for God's sake! Were you even alive in 2008? The market even came back from that, and with a bull market! The only people who lost money were the scaredy cats who sold their stocks! [/i] F...

Trump VERSUS Guiliani - 121 days ago

Funny, Soda!

dow still on a crash course with 1929 - 121 days ago

[i]You sound thrilled. [/i] I don't get that out of the OP at all. Looks to me like they are just stating the facts.

Michelle Obama fabulous! - 121 days ago

Not my cup of tea either. To each his own I suppose, especially in the fashion world.

The Toddler Strikes Again! - 121 days ago

Politics Trump says he won't sign stopgap funding bill amid border wall showdown: Ryan Queue Toddler Trump temper tantrum.

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