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Would you consult with your spouse prior to...... - 7 years ago

Unless it was a gift for my spouse that I knew he really wanted, I would tell him.

What's Going in on 1960 & Timber Forest - 7 years ago

What are they building where the car wash used to be? Looks like some sort of a fast food place with a drive-through.

Dogs Running Loose - 7 years ago

Rottweiler and Husky-looking dog are running loose in Kings River near the intersection of Crimson Oak and Kings Parkway. At least one of them has a collar on but they won't come to me.

Lose Weight for the holidays - 7 years ago

Just re-read it and saw that it is free.

Lose Weight for the holidays - 7 years ago

Is this free?

Disney Dining - 7 years ago

The Irish Pub in downtown Disney is fun. Irish dancing and music - great food. They let the kids get up and dance on stage.

Union Kitchen - 7 years ago

Where is Chimichurris?

Custom cookie designs with free local delivery! - 7 years ago

Can you provide unfrosted cookies for parties so that children can decorate them themselves? I need pumpkin and fall leaf shaped cookies.

Building a Custom Home - 7 years ago

We would like a small lot - just big enough for a small pool.

Building a Custom Home - 7 years ago

Are there any neighborhoods in the area that allow custom homes to be built? We want to hire an architect, buy a lot, and build a SMALL custom home.

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