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ALDI opening? - 17 days ago

when is ALDI scheduled to open?

So...Who pays for the uninsured's ER visit? - 21 days ago

ER care along with all other socialist/communist/welfare is paid for by the taxpayers ... individuals and businesses. This is not complex science!

Drain the swamp - 25 days ago

Work for and vote for better people in 2018 elections. We have to get those who lie to us and steal all they can from us out of office. Send them packing...Democrat,Republican,whatever.

Months with no electricity - 37 days ago

A battery powered shovel sounds funny I agree. Attack on our electric grid has been studied for decades by the intelligent people in science and military. More and more is learned. A recent publicat...

Months with no electricity - 39 days ago

If a foreign country (ie North Korea) destroys our electric grid we would be without electric power for months. Forget being uncomfortable sweating in the dark....we would have people dying everyday. ...

What an IDIOT!!!! - 42 days ago

I know. The words Democrat and Idiot mean the same thing. Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe says 93 MILLION people in America die each day from gun violence..... in about 4 days our entire population ...

Illegal alien aressted again - 69 days ago

Please point out the spelling errors.

Illegal alien aressted again - 69 days ago

Gabriel Liahut-Hernandez, an illegal alien from Mexico was arrested in October 2015. He was convicted for sexual battery and sentenced to over 900 days in a U.S. prison. On April 7, 2017 Liahut-Hernan...

$5 pet vaccine - 72 days ago

Mark your calendar for $5 pet shots Sunday June 25 noon until 4pm. Sponsored by ABBY Foundation.

What do you know about moving a water heater? - 84 days ago

Thanks to the federal government making our decisions for us ... we can only buy the larger water heater for replacement because manufacturers are no longer allowed to make the size we have had for ye...

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