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I joined this crazy place on 2012-04-01, 5 years ago.

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Aldi Grand Opening? - 12 days ago

Grand opening date has not been published yet. Store will open in December.

Mueller taking them all down! - 17 days ago

When you start to stir in the trash pile the roaches and rats start to scurry in all directions...Democrats and Republicans...Each party has trash politicians.

plan to CUT CUT CUT - 17 days ago

To really help the future of our country the size of the federal government must be CUT! I don't care if you call it Republican, Democratic, or anything else. The career politicians need to be prosecu...

Open your wallet You Have To Buyout The Village Idiots - 20 days ago

Prolix, My complaint is the government taking care of people instead of people taking care of themselves. FEMA is terrible. Flood insurance is terrible. It's the mentality that something bad happened...

Open your wallet You Have To Buyout The Village Idiots - 21 days ago

Really Zapper? Like Trump or hate Trump or something in between, this has been going on for years before Trump was on the scene. If you want to put a face on Socialism, Bernie Sanders is your man! The...

Open your wallet You Have To Buyout The Village Idiots - 22 days ago

And get ready...wait for it...wait for it...when the insurance companies cry to the government that they had so much pay out for claims that they need a bailout..from you the taxpayers!

Open your wallet You Have To Buyout The Village Idiots - 23 days ago

After the federal government spends taxpayer money to buy out property owners who have flooded many times we will be taxed more to fill the government coffers! Don't you just love taking care of idiot...

Why Do You Have To Cook After Working All Day??? - 24 days ago

I do not do facebook so I will never know anything more about your business. Best of luck to you.

US Term Limits - 33 days ago

I am very much in support of term limits for legislators. Career politicians are bad for our society. For example .. US Senator Dianne Feinstein is 84 years old in US Senate now for 25 years. She w...

How many cars flooded? - 67 days ago

having any discussion with Mark is like talking to the village idiot!

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