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How many cars flooded? - 9 days ago

having any discussion with Mark is like talking to the village idiot!

Open your wallet and bend over - 9 days ago

Awesome I did not flood. That is not because of luck. That is the result of a decision to live in a high area. Everyone is free to make their own decision on where they live. I am opposed to being for...

How many cars flooded? - 9 days ago

So many cars flooded in Harris County from Harvey. How many? How many flooded cars had insurance coverage? How many insured flooded cars were parked in a flood plain? Is there financial assistanc...

Open your wallet and bend over - 12 days ago

Awesome, That is EXACTLY my point. Auto insurance rates are tied to where the auto is ordinarily garaged/parked. If that is in a flood plain MOVE the car before it floods or don't ask everyone to abso...

Open your wallet and bend over - 12 days ago

All of us who pay for auto insurance are about to be robbed and screwed. Hundreds of flooded cars are being towed out of Kingwood. Those with more than mandated liability coverage will have some cover...

Electronics Recycle Date? - 33 days ago

Thanks. Found it ... 1st Saturday @ month 9-3. Next date = September 2

Electronics Recycle Date? - 33 days ago

Anyone know the date for next collection of electronics for recycle at Kingwood Park N Ride lot?

home warranty scams - 34 days ago

how to win ... is there a contest in this somewhere?

Constable's Task Force - 34 days ago

DWI is serious. If someone goes into a mall and starts shooting a gun randomly they might or might not injure or kill someone. If someone drives while under the influence of alcohol or drugs they migh...

Constable's Task Force - 35 days ago

Today and this weekend north Harris County will have patrols for impaired drivers. The constables will coordinate with TABC to determine if charges are warranted against establishment where driver has...

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