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Man Kicked Off Delta Flight for Using the Bathroom Before Takeoff - 1 days ago

Trains. You can use the bathroom at any time.

Wisconsin - 1 days ago

I spent the winter of '75 -'76 in Duluth/Superior. Coldest winter ever. But summer is great there.

Keep Humble ISD Schools Great: Vote Sitton, Conrad, Cunningham and Dixon - 1 days ago

I'd vote for any candidate that puts shop classes back in school. A personal note, I have no kids in Humble ISD. Not all kids need to go to college, or should.

All these Airliner Stories - 1 days ago

Trains. Trains are fun.

Loud music in Greentree - 1 days ago

Crank it up to 11. If your ears ain't bleeding, it ain't loud enough.

Loud music in Greentree - 1 days ago

[i]they had volume nobs on victrolas[/i] No. You used the doors as a volume control.

Trump is least popular president in history - 2 days ago

Nevermind. Fuzz is back in the pokey. With Joey. Know why they call it the pokey? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Trump is least popular president in history - 2 days ago

1009 people do not properly represent the American populace. According to the same polling by CNN, Clinton was up in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. So, stop with this polling idiocy.

Trump is least popular president in history - 2 days ago

Anything from CNN is suspicious.

Trump will continue obamacare subsidies after failing his promise to repeal - 2 days ago

Someone got brain freeze.

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