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Gunshots near northpark and woodland hills - 57 days ago

Am I crazy or did I just hear a bunch of gunshots near here? I’m using the restroom and I hear what sounds like someone emptying a whole clip after a heard a few pops a second or two before.

West lake Houston bridge partial closure? - 4 years ago

We were just driving over the bridge and they had it blocked off on the inbound side and it looks like a section of the bridge has shifted a good few inches and there are a bunch of public works truck...

Has suddenlink been a mess for anyone else? Elm grove - 4 years ago

I ran a speed test and I'm getting .p8 megabits a second. That is actually slower then dialup. Anyone else having this issues? Been a couple days now. Hope it's not because of the construction nearby...

6 hours of power outage after a little storm - 4 years ago

[i]weather and get to work. But, no, you'll just cry here.[/i] I'll have you know I helped more neighbors then your old ads probably did

6 hours of power outage after a little storm - 4 years ago

Centerpoint once again forgetting to return power to the lower income aide of kingwood. Good job centerpoint. KYS

Lost my dogs Sherwood trails northpark woodlandhills - 4 years ago

My gate was wide open when I got home only 1 dog still at home. Black and white terrier mix male named Clyde. Black and grey mutt answers to Bella. Last seen around noon by neighbor. Lo...

Looking for a licensed electrcian for help - 4 years ago

Had to run a new URD cable from my utility to my meter box on my house and the city of houston will not inspect it unless done by an electrician that is licensed. All the work has been done by me and ...

Anyone got a 3d printer I can use once please? - 4 years ago

No it's a power coupling for a shopsmith bandsaw that attached to the motor and the tool. It's not cheap and I would like to try a free one first

Anyone got a 3d printer I can use once please? - 4 years ago

I got something i would like to try and they have a 3d printer version.

Looking for birdbath and landscaping materials - 5 years ago

Wanting to rebuild my garden in spring and am looking for anything someone is willing to give me. Will come pick up.

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