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I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-18, 5 years ago.

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have broom, will sweep it all under the rug.

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Fox News Accidentally Displays graphic showing they are the least trusted - 12 days ago

ATTN: Responsible Gun Owners - 12 days ago


Dow Jones PLUNGING yet again - 17 days ago

The stock market is plummeting again today. Thanks Trump.

Tyra Banks had work done - 20 days ago

Botoxed lips always look fake.

Jesus Christ Super Star Live - 20 days ago

I saw the original one on Broadway.

McCabe's firing - 33 days ago

[i]Comey wasn't fired because of HRC- he was fired by Trump because he wouldn't promise Trump a free pass.?[/i] Word.

Kathaleen Wall - 50 days ago

Today's flyer was about 65% larger than the full page color glossies. Hey I noticed Rick Walker had a sign up up for at least one day...... a large sign that said Kathaleen Walker voted for pro-cho...

Kathaleen Wall - 50 days ago

She bans everyone from her Facebook page that disagrees with her. Stifle the free speech. Clearly she's all for the Second Amendment but wants nothing to do with the First. Screw her. She's the devi...

Flooding - 54 days ago

I've heard River Grove Park is under water. Does anyone know about East End?

Gun control - 54 days ago

[i]How many home invasions would there be if the POS criminals absolutely knew there were no guns inside homes?[/i] What's with the fear-mongering? I haven't heard one person say they w...

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