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I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-18, 5 years ago.

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have broom, will sweep it all under the rug.

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Electricity Rates - 16 days ago

Check out Griddy.

Trump Affair - 18 days ago

Who cares? Real "Family values" Christians. Ie: Southern Baptists.

Trump Affair - 18 days ago

[i]Trump Affair[/i] Which one? He had tons esp when Melania was pregnant.

Trump on hurricane Harvey - 69 days ago


Anthony Bourdain committed Suicide - 70 days ago

They just said on CNN that it was indeed that he hung himself. I am heartbroken. And yes I agree he had been looking very skinny. I was uncomfortable with all the drinking he was doing on the show kno...

Another month of Trump winning - 74 days ago

Manafort. #winning. #MAGA

MELANIA where abouts?!?!?! - 74 days ago

It is quite unusual for a first lady to disappear for 24 days with no explanation and following some kind of surgical procedure at a hospital where she should have been released a few hours later. I t...

Sod - 74 days ago

Wow. Where did you buy it?

Can anyone tell me about Black Cat Ridge? - 83 days ago

[i]The area was named for the Black Panthers which were native to this area. [/i] There's a place called Panther Pond in Bear Branch off of Woodbridge. Just grassy area nowadays but no developme...

A list of things the 46th President will have to do - 85 days ago

[i]Your friend must have house in a crappy neighborhood[/i] Not quite. She's in the cell tower business and quite well off. She's got a few homes one being in Manhattan.

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