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Hamblen Road Expansion - 4 days ago

[url=]Check this out.[/url]

Lake Houston dam - 4 days ago

I came across this the other day. [url=]City of Houston flooding and storm surge symposium documents and video.[/url]

Lake Houston dam - 4 days ago

Same thing with the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District. (And probably the Lone Star Conservation District as well.) These are all quasi-governmental agencies but who gets the appointments, who t...

Businesses opening - 4 days ago

Radio Shack had carpet in it too. Really gross.

Aerial mosquito spraying starts tomorrow night - 4 days ago

I worked in the yard for a few hours today and not one mosquito so either they sprayed last night or I was just very lucky. I know they were using a harsher chemical than the usual mosquito truck...

Businesses opening - 4 days ago

I noticed that in the building with the old Radio Shack and shoe place that neither of those are being gutted but the Edward Jones in the middle of the two is. So he is surrounded by mold and rotting...

Businesses opening - 4 days ago

[i]Does Rick Alspaugh still run Alspaugh's? I thought it belongs to his wife now. Supposely she got it in the divorce?[/i] That was the original rumor but it didn't turn out that way. Yay for ...

Lake Houston dam - 4 days ago

[i]"It was the nighttime release at 2am without advance warning that I'm most upset about. I actually stayed up til 2am that morning and there was no collected water on our street. By 7 am water was h...

River Grove Park :( - 4 days ago

I will vouch for what Tink said. I saw all the pics. Massive amounts of contaminated sand everywhere. The task of removing it all and powerwashing everything sounds mind boggling. The sand bar a...

Suggestions for a Modem - 4 days ago

I find keeping up with modern technology to be overwhelming. lol

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