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the Markster

I joined this crazy place on 2013-05-09, 5 years ago.

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Politics is the only game in town where the outcome effects everyone. Picking the right players is key. To not vote is Un-American To not engage your elected official is to let a lobbyist have their attn.

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Mike Cohen going to FLIP! - 2 days ago

Tom Arnold is going to do a show: Hunt for Trump Files. Micheal Cohen is teaming up with Tom Arnold. Fix me some popping corn. Soups about to choke on a BWAhaha

No taking children from parents!!! - 2 days ago

[i] Many were. Many were not. Your gross generalizations only weaken your pathetically agenda driven posts. [/i] PR. Your making an argument based on pointless qualifying specificity regarding w...

No taking children from parents!!! - 3 days ago

[i]what a devastator trump has been. he leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.[/i] What an (expensive) devastator Trump has been. Reuniting expenses is something thats going to happen. FLOTUS M...

Mike Cohen going to FLIP! - 3 days ago

That didn't take long. I shoulda run a "guess the date" on that.

Children Crying at Border - 3 days ago

[i]RayofHope --- 1 days ago - quote - hide comments We are being fed a steady diet of children crying at the border. Most of the time it sounds like the same sound bite played over and over. [/i] ...

No taking children from parents!!! - 4 days ago

[b]Trump signs order stopping his policy of separating families at border[/b] by Adam Edelman / Jun.20.2018 / 11:24 AM ET / Updated 2:22 PM ET [url=

No taking children from parents!!! - 5 days ago

[i]Well then maybe the democrats should change the law.[/i] Is the separation of children from their parents of immigrants, some badge of honor for republicans? I think not. [i]After all, they ...

Playing the Singer/Songwriter night at Green Oak - 5 days ago

Break a leg. Not a string

No taking children from parents!!! - 5 days ago

[i]Prolix Raconteur --- 18 min ago - quote - hide comments So why let a bunch of unbridled, undocumented miscreants into your country and give them welfare?[/i] ^^^^^^^ Im certain that is exact...

Mark & the Misphits Playin a set - 6 days ago

[b]House of Blues[/b] That's right. Lots of live acts and I'm one of em. Join me tonight downtown. Wed: Stetsons. It's been a week, they should have it together by now. (fire at goodwill). T...

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