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I joined this crazy place on 2013-05-09, 7 years ago.

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Politics is the only game in town where the outcome effects everyone. Picking the right players is key. To not vote is Un-American To not engage your elected official is to let a lobbyist have their attn.

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KU way better than!!! - 2 days ago

Good News About Covid19 Treatment - 78 days ago

[i]The media doesn't agree with anything that Trump says [/i] With good reason. He's a liar

I admit I miss this place - 138 days ago

"[i]. It was the constant ad hominem attacks and the childish constant memes. [/i]" Youre POV, [u]Petty moderating[/u] and baiting from so called bobbette know it alls. Killed this place. It des...

I admit I miss this place - 139 days ago

It gets the attn it deserves.

Login Prevails on Impeachment - 190 days ago

No need to guess the day, month, year, Trump is impeached....LOL that ship has sailed.

Login Prevails on Impeachment - 196 days ago

Polls change

KU Dead - 198 days ago

CavemanBarney 10 hours ago

Trump loses appeal to withhold financial records - 232 days ago

well well well "[b]"I'd be glad to have the person who started it all come in and testify," Welch says in the video above. "President Trump is welcome to take a seat right there." And the House ...

Trump loses appeal to withhold financial records - 245 days ago

'Good riddance. He's all yours Florida'

Sad that politics is barred from religion - but not vice versa.... - 248 days ago

One should be thankful for the separation of politics from religion. I believe it's a lesson our founding fathers learned the hard way. At the least, it was a motivator to succeed from British rule.

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