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I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-02, 3 years ago.

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Senior citizen. College and school of hard knocks educated.KW since late 70s.

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Tank or Tankless Electric - 13 hours ago

If it's a part time occupancy, plan your circuits to only have security activated during your absence.That saves a significant amount of power. Today's water heaters are fast recovery and you will not...

Texas License Plate - 1 days ago

There are any number of websites that will provide the info for a fee.

The Odds of Evolution are a big fat 0 - 5 days ago

[i]Can't I believe both in God and Evolution? [/i] Yes, you can. I do.

The Odds of Evolution are a big fat 0 - 5 days ago

[i]Faith is not philosophy, it is theology. [/i] Yes.

Wanna see what China's thinking? - 6 days ago

You don't have a point.

Plumber - 6 days ago

I've used Lakeside for commercial work. Fast, reliable.

The US will go the same way - if we do not support immigration controls 100% - 6 days ago

To the the Imam who protected the Welshman who attacked Muslims in Finsbury Park.

Wanna see what China's thinking? - 6 days ago

Imagine an oil pipeline/transfer system from western China to an Indian Ocean port through Pakistan, bypassing the Malacca Straits. Imagine China exporting electricity generated by solar fields wes...

Wanna see what China's thinking? - 6 days ago

Yup. India and Pakistan, Uzbekistan, All the Middle East solar projects being planned and executed by Chinese technicians and manufacturing processes and capacities. That's a sizable market.

New Poll Out That The Press Isn't Talking About - 6 days ago

Fake news.

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