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I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-02, 4 years ago.

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Senior citizen. College and school of hard knocks educated.KW since late 70s.

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Remember word games? - 7 hours ago


Trumpty's going down - 12 hours ago

I don't think he will be impeached. The process is too lengthy and cumbersome. I think that November will prove to be a major shift in political power. The impetus for change is strong; many player...

Fire and Fury - 1 days ago

Bannon's departure from the WH did not cool the firebrand. The fact that news outlets were scheduling him for important interviews was a consternation to Trump: "Why is Steve speaking? I didn?t kno...

Fire and Fury - 2 days ago

Late in the first year, the WH is flushing people without replacements. It's getting more difficult to convince anyone to accept a position sure to be abused and eventually discarded in the new swamp:...

Remember word games? - 2 days ago


Remember word games? - 2 days ago


Trumpty's going down - 2 days ago

I'm old. That would not be a nightmare. It might be a life changing (or ending) experience.

Remember word games? - 2 days ago


Trumpty's going down - 2 days ago

Yes, it's really a nightmare. I keep waiting to wake up.

Remember word games? - 2 days ago


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