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Racism, Fascism, Democratic Party - 1 days ago

DeSouza is a hack. He preaches to the low IQ group that believe his ridiculous premises and conspiracy theories and happily takes their money. If you studied film and think he is a competent documenta...

HOW SELFISH IS THIS?!!! - 6 days ago

Will definitely suck for the kids. But on the other hand, they will probably be financially set for education and their childhood.

Death of a Nation is Out - 9 days ago

[i]I saw an interview with him. He seemed pretty sincere.[/i] Let me know how the movie is.

Death of a Nation is Out - 9 days ago

[i]Has anyone objective seen the movie yet? I plan on going tomorrow.?[/i] It's a shame DeSouza will keep getting peoples money. Like Alex Jones, it is all an act.

Death of a Nation is Out - 11 days ago

Jesus. What a load of trash

Democrats Move Far Left - 19 days ago

In the past year Republicans have nominated a neo-nazi, pedophile and pimp.....but the issue with Ocasio-Cortez right?

Disgraceful trump treason summit with Russia - 29 days ago

Jesus Emp. You will do anything in your power to protect Trump.

Texas is the hardest state hit with China's 34 billion tariffs. - 54 days ago

Our energy sector looks to take the brunt of the retaliatory tariffs.

Perspective by Dr. Charles Krauthammer (TRUMP IS AWESOME!) - 78 days ago

Cats, you gotta get off facebook bud. Will rot your brain.

it comes down to porn stars, whores, and Access Hollywood taking Trump to Impeachment - 126 days ago

[i]So this is all a witch hunt looking for anything right??[/i] The CEO of his campaign is facing life in jail, his national security adviser was working with Turkey to kidnap a US permanent reside...

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