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I joined this crazy place on 2014-09-10, 6 years ago.

» save SlimJim as my FRIEND - HOSER

Hello Members! I am back!!! BWAHAHAHAhahahaha

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Sarah Back in the News!!!!! - 1 years ago

Sarah Sex Pack does it again in the news this day. Todd is dumping her buttocks finally. I guess the money roll is gone! You read it right, members!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaaaaa

Hellllloooooo Mister Mueller!!!!! - 1 years ago

Save the date, members!!!! July the 17th is Mueller time!!!!! We shall overcome!!!!!

It Looks Like This Place Is Dying - 1 years ago

[i]It Looks Like This Place Is Dying[/i] This is due to the factual that my presence is lacking! Hello Members!!!!

Jerk in the White House - 3 years ago

I am getting warm now NewJW. Keep posting and I will soon have your number!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

Where is Jim? - 3 years ago

Who might you be? It is an obvious that you are not the real JW. I will figure you out my dear!!! North Korea with The Wack in the WH is a uge scare. The Wack is incapable of keeping us safe. He wi...

Repubs starting to jump ship - 3 years ago

[i]Donald Trump Jr is an idiot. [/i] This is a UGE factual!

Where is Jim? - 3 years ago

Hello Members! Here is my presence!! I am in adoration of Mueller these days and you? Trump is a chimpanzee of the back of all Americans, is he not? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

First FEMALE gender Presidente! - 4 years ago

Can you feel the glee!! We are a progressive nation!!! I am all for this occurrence!

Does anyone actually try to comprehend trump? - 4 years ago

No comprendo idioto.

Top Lies by Hillary at the Debate - 4 years ago


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