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Where is Jim?

who's talking here?

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SlimJim 2
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Brewgirl --- 3 years ago -

Cute story. Maybe Jim got too old to go. Maybe Jim is an invisible friend. 

SlimJim --- 3 years ago -

Hello Members! Here is my presence!! I am in adoration of Mueller these days and you?

Trump is a chimpanzee of the back of all Americans, is he not?


JustWatching --- 3 years ago -

I see another alt has appeared. 

JustWatching --- 3 years ago -

Trump is a chimpanzee of the back of all Americans, is he not?

You better hope he is better than that because of the N Korea situation. I hope we survive the next 120 days. 

SlimJim --- 3 years ago -

Who might you be? It is an obvious that you are not the real JW. I will figure you out my dear!!!

North Korea with The Wack in the WH is a uge scare. The Wack is incapable of keeping us safe. He will cause nuclear war because of inability to have rational thought processes. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 3 years ago -

Oh Lord, another "presence", LOL. 

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