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I joined this crazy place on 2015-06-28, 3 years ago.

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It Looks Like This Place Is Dying - 1 days ago

It Looks Like This Place Is Dying - 1 days ago

Has Anyone Done A Mail In DNA Test? - 1 days ago

It Looks Like This Place Is Dying - 6 days ago

The active mod unfortunately has a deep bias and is unable to engage in or understand intelligent conversation.

Interesting Article Regarding Elm Grove Flooding - 6 days ago

[i]requirement of the mortgage company if the property is in the flood plain. [/i] Not in the >500 year plains, which are now more like a 48 month flood plains.

Deranged Donald - 6 days ago

[i]Believe me, compared to other boards and their mods, these mods are very easy. I was censured for saying: "I felt sorry for the left because their hatred blinds them to the facts." The mod said I w...

New Kid in town - 22 days ago

Republicans are such triggered little snowflakes

Deranged Donald - 22 days ago

leftie A derogatory term for anyone perceived to have left-leaning, liberal or socialistic political or social views. Primarily used by people with very conservative worldviews, who consider the wo...

Deranged Donald - 22 days ago

[i]Sure, he calls them names but nothing like you lefties are calling him.[/i] I like how you called me a name there when trying to make your case against name calling. Does that make you like a...

Deranged Donald - 22 days ago

Is that why deranged donald calls everyone names?

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