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I joined this crazy place on 2015-06-28, 3 years ago.

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Sharky's Reopening! - 1 days ago

It sure was awful.

Protest meeting for new marina - 6 days ago

And this is why Kingwood will never have nice things LOL

The wall is a metaphor for trumps penis - 6 days ago

Russian Collusion Update - 7 days ago

It’s truly fascinating that republicans continue to defend a traitor and get their information from a state sponsored propaganda media outlet

African Missionary Shares - 7 days ago

[i]Can you imagine anything more horrible than introducing Christianity to people[/i] No, I can’t.

The wall is a metaphor for trumps penis - 7 days ago

You’ll never know

The wall is a metaphor for trumps penis - 8 days ago

Nobody wants to see it, and he can’t get it up.

Yes, There Is A Crisis At The Border! - The Numbers Show It! - 8 days ago

Apparently ATD was triggered by being called out as a RWNJ. Next time one of your friends uses one of their disparaging terms towards democrats, I expect you to have the same reaction. LOL

African Missionary Shares - 8 days ago

there’s always an ulterior motive

Walls/barriers/fences are effective all over the world! - 8 days ago

That would be lower middle

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