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Terrorist attack in Toronto - 2 days ago

So let me get this straight. You?re claiming a retired police commissioner from a different country says he was known to police. This was a terrorist attack by a white christian who was mad because...

Remember word games? - 2 days ago


Terrorist attack in Toronto - 2 days ago

Prolix again with the misinformation. His motives appear to be ?Incile? based on a post that has been confirmed by facebook. He is a Canadian, not a refugee as all the alt-reich are trying to sp...

Terrorist attack in Toronto - 3 days ago

10 killed by a van. The suspect was arrested and identified as Alek Minassian. He?s a white christian.

gUNS - 3 days ago

I didn?t read anything in the article about video games being a cause of mass shootings. Do you have any more substantive evidence to support your claim?

Trumpty's going down - 4 days ago

I read recently that Arizona hates trump so much they?re turning blue

Trumpty's going down - 4 days ago

Based on crimes

gUNS - 4 days ago

Today a naked man shot some people in Waffle House. Must have been video games.

Trumpty's going down - 4 days ago

He?ll likely be impeached or in prison by 2020

Where is the donald? - 5 days ago

Why isn?t the donald at Barbara Bushes funeral? Melania is there, smiling with President Obama [img][/img]

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