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Does a "HARVEY" Power Failure, NORMALLY cover a broken Fridge, anyone know? - 284 days ago

Does a "normal" homeowners policy, cover electrical surges, that cause failure of a Fridge? if so my friend, needs to file a claim [b]cannot read in Policy if FRIDGE is a Peril Insured Again...

**SAFETY HAZARD** Traffic Signal at NorthPark & HiddenPines, NEED re-programming ! Please - 1 years ago

[b]**THIS IS A SAFETY HAZARD**[/b] PLEASE, FORWARD TO City of Houston West bound Traffic going towards the freeway...that wants to turn south on Hidden Pines into Woodland Hills Village, h...

- 1 years ago

- 1 years ago

MOVIE "?" or "Idea" Anyone know of a MOVIE, that shows how the character ... - 2 years ago

that shows how the character, commits a crime like a major monetary theft, and shows the main character does not get caught, and shows the details of how the thief lives off the "loot" Most mov...

Mail ORDER business's will flourish w/this Terror & Fear..Like Amazon etc. - 2 years ago

Suppose it will take longer to get on a plane, enter a Mall, or any sports facility, or Church, or Entertainment - Movie Theater, or Fast Food Restaurant, due the fear & terror incre...


[b]TREASURE HUNT B: FOUND IT![/b] On the sign near the Kingwood Christian Church on West Lake Houston Parkway, THANKS for the [b]RUSSO's NY PIZZERIA[/b] ! for the cool gift card..what a nice...

**Match Maker** .. PART TWO: LOOKING FOR A NEW WIFE - 2 years ago

[i]I want to know what happened to the old wife!!! Worked to death???? People are just strange... [/i] Single ..never married. ...since he is "saving" himself for marriage "should" imply he has...

**Match Maker** .. PART TWO: LOOKING FOR A NEW WIFE - 2 years ago

Still looking...and waiting...

PLAYING MATCH MAKER...a 25 YR OLD MAN, Seeking a WIFE?any help appreciated ? - 2 years ago

I do not charge any fee's for this service, especially since "my friend" does not know about this...and b/c I might not be among the living if he found out...thank goodness he does not use or probab...

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