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small handed cheetoh

I joined this crazy place on 2016-11-11, 2 years ago.

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I love my rallies. Big rallies. Famous rallies. Adoration rallies. I am great. Really great. Better than great. The greatest. #allhailme

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Moderators - 216 days ago

I am so happy! All my foes are in the icebox where they belong. It's as cold as Siberia in there. This message board is great! The moderators are great! They all support my agenda and silence the op...

TRUMP is AWESOME!!! - 216 days ago

[i]TRUMP is AWESOME!!![/i] Yes I am! I am great! I am the best! Signed, DJT [img][/img]

me & putin are one - 216 days ago

Here you go, sweetcakes. Signed, DJT [img][/img]

me & putin are one - 216 days ago

I am loving my new image. I am great. Really great. That's me, DJT

me & putin are one - 216 days ago


Remember word games? - 301 days ago


Terrorist attack in Toronto - 301 days ago

Let's get back on topic: me. I am with the French today getting my hair coiffed. I am great. I am real. The world revolves around me. I am the revolution. Remember that. Yours truly, DJT

Where is the donald? - 302 days ago

Here I is. #dutiful Signed, DJT

Remember word games? - 302 days ago


NAME CHANGE: *GoldenShowers* is now *Nebucasneezer* - 302 days ago

Good News for America! Bezos says that when my pee tape is released it will be ~free~ for all Amazon Prime members. #MAGA one day at a time. Signed, DJT

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