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Vladdie and the Man in DC

who's talking here?

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small handed cheetoh --- 1 years ago -

I luv Vlady. Even more than Barr and Rudy. He is the best. I trust him with my wife. See here:



OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

Not funny! Whose alt are you? I bet you are Judas. By posting the meme that was removed you proved my point. 

a845652uu --- 1 years ago -

A ninety minute phone call they had. Unbelievable!

That meme is from Democratic Underground per the bottom left label. It's been seen internationally so I wouldn't be so quick to get 15 when adding 2 plus 2. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 1 years ago -

Better get to the store for some foil to make a hat before the flood comes. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

I think it's kind of stupid since this President has put the harshest sanctions on Russia ever. 

zandt'smom --- 1 years ago -

lol Omg I love this.. so true. Those two men deserve each other. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

lol Omg I love this.. so true. Those two men deserve each other. 

I wonder whose alt you are. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 1 years ago -

More TDS rage on display. HAHAHA.. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

So true. They can't stand that Mueller found nothing. I wonder why they think he should have found nothing when 3 other separate investigations found nothing. 

Not KU --- 1 years ago -


An American president. Saluting a Communist general. Are we great yet? 

OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

Another stupid meme from markster. What's new? You sure are going to go crazy when he wins reelection. LOL 

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