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k-Park supports Kingwood Mustang Football - 25 days ago

Yes, there's lots of new development and remaining vacant area in the NEW CANEY school district boundary. Not the zoned areas to KPark.

k-Park supports Kingwood Mustang Football - 27 days ago

KPark will never be 6A. Unless there is an influx of "Harvey Babies" in 14 years, there just are not enough kids in the KP Boundary. If the enrollment were to swell, they will just reject transf...

Lawn Maintenance Kingwood Drive - 80 days ago

[i]A tree branch took out my side-view mirrow because I drove too close to it in the left lane[/i] Hopefully you took action and reported it to HPD as a hazardous condition. You should also drop...

Why is Humble pronounced Umble? - 83 days ago

My wife would never let me take this sign to a Kingwood-Humble football game: "Beat the H outta Umble"

Climate change not as threatening to planet as previously thought, new research suggests - 88 days ago

[i]Monsanto [/i] As was said above, 100% of all scientist believe that malnutrition is deadly.

Aerial mosquito spraying starts tomorrow night - 93 days ago

[i]environment and in the long run does way more harm than good. [/i] Its a shame that some reject science.

Lake Houston dam - 93 days ago

[i]this isn't even close to the truth. do you believe every single rumor floating about these days from angry homeowners? try looking at facts. [/i] Present them.

Fight in Old HEB Parking Lot - 185 days ago

Well, boys will in fact be boys. #Science

Kathy Griffin is the face of the democrat party - 199 days ago

[i]But they don't do this kind of thing... [/i] What celebrity did that? I mean, if someone does it, and their follower count is less than 300, did it really happen??

"Devil" to meet the Pope... - 207 days ago

That reminds me of an old joke.,, Then president Clinton went to visit the pope. Their meeting was scheduled for 30 minutes. After two hours, Clinton emerged smiling ear to ear. At the podium he sa...

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