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I joined this crazy place on 2006-12-29, 14 years ago.

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Happily married dad w/ three beautiful daughters (17, 14, & 10). Fee-only financial planner by day, active KW resident by night (church, YMCA, etc.). Please visit my website to get more information about the financial services I provide: You can also visit my blog at

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Estate planning - 4 years ago

I second Debbie Currin, as well as her partner Tamara Paul who is the other estate planning attorney in the firm. Both are Board Certified by the state of Texas. I use both of them for all of my cli...

Final Four - 4 years ago

Best money I've spent in a long, long time! Will be hard to attend another sporting event that tops last night! And props to my 12yr old DD who had 'Nova winning it all in her bracket...sure showed ...

Final Four - 4 years ago

I'm a bit surprised at how cheap tickets still are. You can experience the championship game for just $35. Granted, you're waaay up there, but still. Not very often the chance to go to a Final Four...

Tesla Model 3 150,000 pre orders on the first day - 4 years ago

[i]My wife and I are planning on making this our next car purchase. Looking at Fall of 2017. [/i] You may want to push that back a few more years. Production doesn't start until 2017 at the earlie...

Sirens in Kingwood - 5 years ago

EllieB, your folks likely saw/heard the garage on fire. It did not spread to the house; HFD had the flames out within 20 min of arriving. They were likely walking back in the reserve to make sure no...

Sirens in Kingwood - 5 years ago

Now the entrance to our street is lined with smoke removal, house boarding, and disaster recovery reps. Guess they're equivalent to tow trucks that race to the scene of car accidents.

Sirens in Kingwood - 5 years ago

It was on Brook Shore ct

Sirens in Kingwood - 5 years ago

Neighbors detached garage went up in flames. Everyone is safe but shook up obviously

Preschool/MDO - 5 years ago

My wife is a teacher at KUMC. I'm sure she'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. I will message you shortly....

Attorney recommendations please! - 5 years ago

What area of the law are you needing help in? That would narrow down the list of recommendations.

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