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Hiro Protagonist

I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-28, 6 years ago.

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Used to be Randle McMurphy, now I'm a Hiro.

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About Obama's Illegal that Murdered the American Woman - 1 days ago


40 Questions for Christians Who Now ave the Rainbow Flag. - 1 days ago

I'm just wondering where all these christian gov't paper pushers that are refusing to process SSM licenses were when it comes to processing divorce papers. Why isn't that against their morals or relig...

Speaking of stupid things weve done. What'd you do? - 4 days ago

I was a complete a-hole of a teen. I could write a full page of stupid or crazy things that I did, but people that actually know me might find out. G-rated things. I would jump from 30-40 feet in...

Democrat field is growing - 5 days ago

[i]nobody will care...there won't be anyone left in the country that can keep on electing clowns for eternity if that happens.?[/i] The sad thing people like you really believe this...

Wow! Same sex marriage wins! - 11 days ago

[i]Look 20 years into the future, someone like you will be favoring the legalizing of pedophilia or marrying 10 years olds saying "21 years ago it was illegal for homosexuals to get married".?[/i] ...

Texas License Plate Case - 16 days ago

Dear lord do you not see the difference? The confederacy's founding principle was the racial superiority of the white race and their right to subjugate the black race. While no one can argue that U...

Texas License Plate Case - 16 days ago

[i]I couldn't care any less if some butthurt ignoramus gets his or her panties in a wad because they have a mythical fantasy idea of what they claim my flag should stand for.?[/i] It's not mythic...

Texas License Plate Case - 16 days ago

I think you have it twisted. No one says that the union was fighting to liberate the slaves. What we're saying is the reason the south seceded was to keep slavery and the status quo. They feared the p...

Texas License Plate Case - 16 days ago

I've posted the "cornerstone speech" a bunch of different times. Hell, I've even posted individual states articles of secession where they specifically say that they're seceding to preserve slavery an...

Texas License Plate Case - 18 days ago

[i]Houston? In what way?[/i] The greenery, humidity, and accent in the Houston area are all southern in feel. Southeastern Texas in general feels southern to me.

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