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Hiro Protagonist

I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-28, 8 years ago.

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Used to be Randle McMurphy, now I'm a Hiro.

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Ginsberg Impartiality Questioned - 44 days ago

[i]There is a very very long list of "laws" that were eventually ruled illegal, immoral, or unconstitutional.[/i] If it was just up to legislation, it would be very easy for minority opinions, or...

Trump Leads - 48 days ago

[i]What does this have to do with the topic? [/i] Because the agreement moves countries away from fossil fuels and this encourages business to explore renewable energy. If the U.S. bails out of...

Trump Leads - 48 days ago

[i]Notice how none of the KU liberals can coherently put together a defense for the Paris Agreement other than the sky is falling.?[/i] I guess you didn't see this. [i]Seems to me that the i...

Watching Trump Dismantling the Paris Agreement and it is Awesome! - 49 days ago

Treaty would have been a net job maker, not loser. 400k jobs in wind and solar, 50k in coal which is a dying industry. Trump hasn't done a damn thing for the avg. American worker and never will. A...

White House officials 'convinced they may be victims of deep state conspiracy' - 51 days ago

I'll just take the most minor of issues. Just think how crazy the pubs would be going if Chelsea Clinton's unqualified husband became a top adviser and defacto cabinet member and was setting up back d...

The Euro Left regarding Manchester - Just get used to it - 57 days ago

[i]There are no go zones in England and France.[/i] BS

LMFAO Libs have no original ideas - 57 days ago

Coming from a group of people that think trickle down economics is cutting edge. That has been the ONLY thing the pubs stand for for the last 40 years. Increase defense spending, cut taxes...... w...

Trump said what? - 59 days ago

Taking medals from the country most of the 9/11 terrorists came from, and praising Islam. What a cuckservative. How will Steve Bannon show his face after this?

Trump said what? - 60 days ago

Not a single reference to "radical Islamic terror." What a neutered cuck he's become. Lulz.

Trump said what? - 60 days ago

Says Islam is "one of the world's great faiths? Wow. I guess he's going soft. You guys must be pissed.

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