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Randle McMurphy

I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-28, 6 years ago.

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The artist formerly known as Marcellus is now Randle McMurphy. I think it suits me.

latest comments

Minister: US isn?t in the Bible because the Rapture will turn it into an atheist hellhole - 2 days ago

[i]That is all there will be after the first 3.5 years.?[/i] You guys are so cute with your funny, superstitious nonsense.

Minister: US isn?t in the Bible because the Rapture will turn it into an atheist hellhole - 2 days ago

[i]The term educated atheist is an oxymoron.?[/i] Except that atheists typically are more educated and score higher on intelligence tests than believers. There have been multiple studies that hav...

New Abortion Decision Today - 3 days ago

[i]This law was never to outlaw abortion, it was to make them safer. Odd how people can't understand reality.?[/i] Odd how some people aren't smart enough to understand that "safety" has nothi...

Ferguson Rioting - 5 days ago

If anyone thinks that the whole reason for the unrest in the area is the shooting, they're crazy. If you listen to the people, you hear how they feel like they've been harassed by the police for years...

USA today article - lowest wage earners only group to improve - 5 days ago

Woohoo!!! They went from meager to a pittance. Yay!!

Study finds vaccines are safe - 5 days ago

Breaking day your daughters will have sex. Why not have protection against the worst strains of HPV? HPV is extremely easy to contract and most people have no idea they even have it. ...

Study finds vaccines are safe - 5 days ago

[i]To state that there are no side effects of vaccines is irresponsible.[/i] No one states that. The side effects are well documented and serious side effects are VERY rare.

It is not a hate crime if the victim is white - 7 days ago

[i], and they should have been executed on the spot.?[/i] Maybe in a christian caliphate or something, but us REAL Americans believe in a little thing called due process.

Is KU near the end of its run? - 12 days ago

[i]If race is as unimportant to you as you say, then why didn't you buy a house in 5th ward??[/i] Has 5th ward and "upper middle class" ever been uttered in the same breath before? Stupid que...

"Urban Youth" knocks out 72 year old man - 20 days ago

[i]Randle, why attack the poster? Do you agree with what is hapoening in the video??[/i] Because he and his klansman buddy are making comments like "why can't the brown people be more civilized?"...

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