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Randle McMurphy

I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-28, 6 years ago.

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The artist formerly known as Marcellus is now Randle McMurphy. I think it suits me.

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Serious Question For Jacobson - 15 days ago

[i] Regardless, there are many things that people believe in this world due to fear. A healthy fear is good. So, once again, you are wrong.?[/i] Which didn't answer my final question at all.

Serious Question For Jacobson - 15 days ago

[i]I didn't realize that you knew Pascal personally.[/i] I don't need to. I read his words. [i]Did he tell you this himself?[/i] Yes, with what you posted.

Serious Question For Jacobson - 15 days ago

Jacobson..... you do realize that mathematician's logic is based entirely on fear. Is that really a reason to believe in something? His whole reasoning is based on the idea that there is less risk to ...

This is really cool...40,000 year old handprints - 15 days ago

[i]Penn is an imbecile.[/i] You calling someone an imbecile, is an endorsement.

Largest-ever study provides evidence that 'out of body' and 'near-death' experiences may be real - 16 days ago

[i]That is just an unproven hypothesis.[/i] And any other explanation is not even that.

The courts got it right. It is pro safety - 21 days ago

If it's about safety why aren't there the same requirements for other outpatient procedures that have higher rates of adverse effects? If it was about safety than why do major medical groups say th...

Co-ed Fraternities... - 30 days ago

[i]Are you always this bitter, Wicked??[/i] Did you not see this part of the post? [i] One of our daughters was date raped at a frat party her freshman year. [/i] Or are you just complet...

POLL: Married with separate bedrooms - 38 days ago

The only way I can see it being o.k., is if there is some kind of health issues or something going on.

Adrian Peterson- Opinions? *UPDATE* - 40 days ago

[i]So where is it written??[/i] I heard him say it, when he was talking about the story. His quote was "the pictures were taken at least 5 days after the incident." If you want to find it, go r...

Adrian Peterson- Opinions? *UPDATE* - 40 days ago

[i]I don't see that reported anywhere. Can you give your source??[/i] Nick Wright from 610am sports radio that did most of the reporting of this story.

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