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Hiro Protagonist

I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-28, 13 years ago.

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Used to be Randle McMurphy, now I'm a Hiro.

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Trumpty is such a freaking douche - 3 years ago

[i]. Brennan was using his security clearance to make money.[/i] Isn't that the least communist thing possible?

Would it even matter? - 3 years ago

[i]If such a tape existed it would have surfaced a LONG time ago, [/i] I kinda think that is likely the case as well. I don't understand why anyone would hold onto that, if it existed. My ques...

Would it even matter? - 3 years ago

With the tape of Trump aides discussing what they should do if an "N word" tape came out, I'm wondering would it even matter? I don't think the core Trump supporters would stop supporting him even ...

Disgraceful trump treason summit with Russia - 3 years ago

[i]He's right. We created the the weak foreign policies that allowed Putin to feel embolden where there were no US consequences for poor behavior.?[/i] And there's the perfect example of the ment...

Disgraceful trump treason summit with Russia - 3 years ago

[i]It is irrelevant. Its been happening for more than 60 years, and its not just Russia. Lets not forget we do it too.?[/i] It's not just the election! What about Syria? Crimea? A shot down airli...

But the NK Summit was a massive success!!! - 3 years ago

The funniest thing is the Iran deal was "the worst deal ever," and it had UN inspections and a million other requirements...........he meets with Kim for a minute and no written terms or inspections ...

$300billion repatriated to US in first quarter '18 - 3 years ago

Where's all those wage increases and bonuses with all that money the corporations are saving? Barely a bump.

Why do regular people vote republican? - 3 years ago

[i]Notice how the left wants everyone else to pay more income taxes except themselves.?[/i] Stupid comment. There are many extremely wealthy liberals. [i] I hate to break this to you but the ...

Why do regular people vote republican? - 3 years ago

[i] We have a gargantuan welfare system here,[/i] The welfare system is a tiny fraction of gov't spending. The only way it is a large part......... is when people purposefully and dishonestly inc...

Why do regular people vote republican? - 3 years ago

[i]I'm going to have to go resurrect my "how to hate people properly" thread[/i] You seem to hate the exact same people the republican party hate. "Hate the poor" should be the official motto of ...

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