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james osterberg

I joined this crazy place on 2009-01-30, 13 years ago.

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looks to me like criminal charges are pending, hopefully for trump & co. - 4 years ago

^ They subpoenaed Bill Clinton, he lied under oath, probably wishes he had not. Would you send Trump in there with anything other that a note pinned to his forehead so he could read the same statem...

Mod Pizza - 4 years ago

I agree with AWGAY They have pre fabricated pizza "disks" that taste like a flour tortilla with standard ,out of the package, toppings. Nothing worth returning for.

Harvard Study Proves that Karass is right again- Media has Yuuge Anti-Trump Bias - 4 years ago

[i]Karras talking Karras...........? [/i] characterized as narcissistic, self-obsessed and detached from reality.

Special prosecutor named in trump Russia probe - 4 years ago

How many coal miners got a job this week? How many people saved money on the new trump care this week? How many companies and individuals saved big from tax legislation designed to get to 3% GDP ?

10 Major Scandals on Comey's Watch - 4 years ago

Yet he was kept on for 115 days. Bad Timing - will force a Special Prosecutor. The big legislative agenda is in for problems if Dep. AG doesn't appoint one.

For DP concerned about how someone looks - Democratic beauty is awesome! - 4 years ago

Dethroned beauty queen Carrie Prejean calls an X-rated sex video of herself "the biggest mistake of my life."

For DP concerned about how someone looks - Democratic beauty is awesome! - 4 years ago

Shouldn't lead with Palin Why did you include that dude, Ann Colter? Michelle Bachman? REALLY ? Malkin, my favorite anchor baby- picture is like 10-15 years ago, same with crowley

Wisconsin - 4 years ago

June - August No place better. Sept - October Nice crisp fall weather November-May Winter, very long, especially when it gets to May and you get another snow storm. Not humid, locals feel tha...

Easter! - 4 years ago

The sacrificial lamb was roasted and eaten, together with unleavened bread and bitter herbsĀ in hopes that the angel of God would pass over their homes and bring no harm. As Hebrews converted to Christ...

Why is gasoline so high now?? - 4 years ago

Obama's fault

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