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Harvard Study Proves that Karass is right again- Media has Yuuge Anti-Trump Bias

who's talking here?

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Karras --- 335 days ago -

"A major new study out of Harvard University has revealed the true extent of the mainstream media?s bias against Donald Trump.

Academics at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy analyzed coverage from Trump?s first 100 days in office across 10 major TV and print outlets.

They found that the tone of some outlets was negative in as many as 98% of reports, significantly more hostile than the first 100 days of the three previous administrations:

The academics based their study on seven US outlets and three European ones.

In America they analyzed CNN, NBC, CBS, Fox News, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

They also took into account the BBC, the UK?s Financial Times and the German public broadcaster ARD.

Every outlet was negative more often than positive.

Only Fox News, which features some of Trump?s most enthusiastic supporters and is often given special access to the President, even came close to positivity.

Fox was ranked 52% negative and 48% positive.

The study also divided news items across topics. On immigration, healthcare, and Russia, more than 85% of reports were negative.

On the economy, the proportion was more balanced ? 54% negative to 46% positive:

The study highlighted one exception: Trump got overwhelmingly positive coverage for launching a cruise missile attack on Syria.

Around 80% of all reports were positive about that.

The picture was very different for other recent administrations. The study found that President Obama?s first 100 days got a good write-up overall ? with 59% of reports positive.

Bill Clinton and George W Bush got overall negative coverage, it found, but to a much lesser extent than Trump. Clinton?s first 100 days got 40% positivity, while Bush?s got 43%:

Trump has repeatedly claimed that his treatment by the media is unprecedented in its hostility.

This study suggests that, at least when it comes to recent history, he?s right. 

JustWatching --- 335 days ago -

Fox was ranked 52% negative and 48% positive.

Seems to me it looks like Fox is the most balanced of them all. Of course, the dumbocrats will disagree because any channel that says anything positive about the President must be lying. 

AMDG --- 335 days ago -

here is the full study

for those who want to read it first hand and make up their own mind with the source information 

BuiltinTX70 --- 335 days ago -

Karras talking Karras...........? 

Judas --- 335 days ago -


jackass --- 335 days ago -

Media has Yuuge Anti-Trump Bias

For good reason... 

The Judge --- 335 days ago -

I heard he's cutting his trip from 9 to 5 days. He hates to sleep anywhere but in his own bed but clearly not with his wife. Whatever happened to her anyway? 

james osterberg --- 335 days ago -

Karras talking Karras...........?

characterized as narcissistic, self-obsessed and detached from reality. 

The Judge --- 335 days ago -

For good reason...


jackass --- 335 days ago -

Trump is finding out the hard way that he works for more than just the minority who elected him... 

BuxomBroad --- 335 days ago -

Media has Yuuge Anti-Trump Bias

I think the facts dictate that most of the US has a huge anti Trump stance at this juncture. 

BuxomBroad --- 335 days ago -

Trump is finding out the hard way that he works for more than just the minority who elected him...

Did you hear what he said yesterday, I believe? About he noticing a large division in this country? lol Where has he been? He created a good portion of it. 

JustWatching --- 335 days ago -

Right...and the left had absolutely nothing to do with it. LMFAO 

sdanielmcev --- 333 days ago -

I heard he's cutting his trip from 9 to 5 days.

You heard wrong. 

sdanielmcev --- 333 days ago -


JustWatching --- 333 days ago -

The left deflected this thread. The article shows the anti-Trump bias of the media. 

AMDG --- 332 days ago -

Jw - did you read the actual report I linked?

It is pretty good, a little more complex than your one liner. 

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