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Mod Pizza

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Are we great again yet --- 280 days ago -

Recent visit to the store in (near) summerwood.
Can't be more underwhelmed from any pizza place I have ever, I mean ever, been to.
The place in kingwood can save money by buying the grand opening and grand closing signs in bulk . Never thought it was possible to be worse quality than a pizza from a drive in movie consession stand but they did it. 

TinktheSprite --- 280 days ago -

That's too bad. I was hoping it would be like Blaze Pizza in Cali. It's fabulous! 

JustWatching --- 279 days ago -

That's too bad about your location. I've gone to the one close to me and it's great. Maybe they will get better as they get experience. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 279 days ago -

The one by the Galleria is decent, and is PACKED at lunch hour. Hope the KW location does OK. Mama Fu's is always empty when I drive by. Not looking good for them so far. 

TinktheSprite --- 279 days ago -

Okay. I'll give em a try when they get here. When will it open? 

sdanielmcev --- 278 days ago -

What kind of pizza did you get?
A lot of pizza ovens need time to season before they're any good. 

sdanielmcev --- 278 days ago -

I was hoping it would be like Blaze Pizza in Cali.
Uno's is better. 

TinktheSprite --- 278 days ago -

Uno's is different. Uno's is good for Chicago Style Pizza. I gotta be in the mood for all that bread and fat. I could eat at Blaze every day. It's fresh and light. 

james osterberg --- 278 days ago -

I agree with AWGAY
They have pre fabricated pizza "disks" that taste like a flour tortilla with standard ,out of the package, toppings.
Nothing worth returning for. 

TinktheSprite --- 278 days ago -


aexns --- 278 days ago -

Please folks... It was 100% better than the Pizza Hut or Degiorno styles Pre-fab or not, it is much closer to realistic pizza than you can get from your Generic top 5 companies. At least it was cooked without a conveyor belt...

This again is why we can't have nice things in Kingwood. The people run anything 'different' or decent out of town. Guess you might want to return to JC's... :)


TinktheSprite --- 278 days ago -


aexns --- 278 days ago -

BTW - we watched them take a fresh blob of dough and simply just press it with a machine... not exactly pre-fab. 

*LOL* --- 277 days ago -

Their website says they make their own organic fresh dough. I am looking forward to it. 

DVaz --- 277 days ago -

We have J Christopher's. That's all I need. Big B's just passed Huffman bridge is quite good as well. 

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