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Possible Child Abuse And What To Do - 5 years ago

That little boy needs our prayers telling what that woman did to him when she got him home. Getting CPS involved was the correct thing to do. You can file a report online but you need h...

How do you get your parent to... - 6 years ago

Medicare does not cover hearing aids. If you go hearing aid shopping, you better have a boatload of money.

How do you get your parent to... - 6 years ago

Maybe he knows what they cost....they are terribly expensive ..

Wonderful movie tonight - 6 years ago

Dolly's Coat of Many Colors showed God's love for His family....Beautiful story about the childhood of a woman with a beautiful voice and a loving family.

Blake and GWEN!!! - 6 years ago

Go Gwen...

Blue Bell on it's way to Harris County soon! - 6 years ago

A peach cobbler is waiting to be made on Aug 31st. Gotta have Blue Bell Vanilla Bean to go on top ..

Best post office in the area? - 6 years ago

All first class mail that is brought into the post office daily by customers is put on the truck and taken to the main plant on Aldine-Bender every evening. It is processed on automated machines ever...

Bristol Palin Pregnant Again - 6 years ago

She is a loving mother to her son, Tripp and I'm sure she will love her new baby and be a great mother to this child ....I don't understand how people can be so mean and cruel to her and her family......

When did it become acceptable? - 6 years ago

The VBS director, which is probably a woman, should have a talk with the youg lady....with kindness, of course. Our volunteers wear fun colored t shirts with our VBS theme on them... Vacation Bible...

Dog Groomer - 6 years ago

I love Fur Babies 281-713-8900. 3011 Woodland Hills Dr. Kingwood

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