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Identity Crisis

I joined this crazy place on 2013-03-07, 10 years ago.

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I am a complex person with an easy going personality.

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Guard Dogs not armed Teachers - 5 years ago

Why can't we spend money on guard Dogs as a security measures to prevent guns from entering our schools? Guard dogs can smell gunpowder on clothes and people before they even get inside the school. Th...

Famous quotes by our Dear Leader... - 6 years ago


Recycle Drop - 6 years ago

The schools no longer receive money for recycling. The paper retriever dropped that years ago.

Dental technician question - 6 years ago

Okay, maybe just recommend a good dentist for us.

Dental technician question - 6 years ago

My friend needs an upper partial. Hers broke sometime during the storm and I am trying to help her find a dentist that contracts with a credible lab to get it made.

FEMA question - 6 years ago

Do you have to be a US citizen to get help from FEMA?

HELP! New Teacher worries - 6 years ago

Masters in Special Education, but alt. certified. Thank you everyone for all your helpful ideas!

HELP! New Teacher worries - 6 years ago

I fixed my typos, thank you urabunchcats. I will be in a middle school setting. Yes, I agree, teachers should represent success and professionalism.

HELP! New Teacher worries - 6 years ago

Also, what do teachers wear these days? I don't want to be sexy or inappropriate. I just want to look professional and be cool and comfortable.

HELP! New Teacher worries - 6 years ago

I finally an starting teaching and I got a job in an applied/ life skills class. Do you know anyone who has teaching materials, puzzles or anything that would make the year a bit easier? I've looked a...

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