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Did Obama force Pope Benedict to Resign? - 1 years ago

Very interesting.

Texas Hill Counry - 1 years ago

Thanks you guys. Lots of nice people on this message board. A friend also suggested I go to Czech restaurants which have the best kolaches. I also want to go to the UT stargazing in Austin.

Texas Hill Counry - 1 years ago

Thank you so much.

Texas Hill Counry - 1 years ago

Does anyone have any suggestions on old family owned restaurants or kolachi places. I will be going to Austin and can be flexible with driving to out of the way places. Thanks.

Democratic response was very odd. - 1 years ago

Funny how the Sessions subject came up a day after the speech. I think that the Democrats knew they had something much more planned for the next day.

Valerie Jarrett moves in with Obama - 1 years ago

Your right JustWatching they are not even hiding the fact that Obama is out to save his legacy. Its kinda weird that Valerie is going to move into the new Obama house. The Obamas have been close to...

My head hurts... What's up with that? - 1 years ago

Nedi pot is the best. No medicine required. Works better than any prescription.

Valerie Jarrett moves in with Obama - 1 years ago

Look at background of Valerie Jarrett and connection with M. Brotherhood.

President Bush on NBC this morning - 1 years ago

I just saw President Bush on NBC discussing his new book. Matt Lauer started the interview with several questions on President Trump and President Bush handled it with class as usual. President Bus...

Fox News commentator Alan Colmes dies at 66 after 'brief illness - 1 years ago

Always enjoyed watching him debate the right. I would have enjoyed his take on the Trump administration. Mr. Colmes will be missed.

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