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I joined this crazy place on 2005-09-02, 17 years ago.

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Anyone here ever fainted? - 6 years ago

I fainted recently due to heart problems. Turns out my heart doesn't pump sufficient blood to the rest of my body. I had a defibrillator implanted in March and when I fainted that thing responded with...

Skero's BBQ - 6 years ago

Skero's is so convenient for us when we are coming home by way of Ford Road and Mills Branch. We stop frequently after running errands. The stuffed potatoes are our favorite but the sliced beef or chi...

Skero's BBQ - 6 years ago

Stopped by Skero's again today. Last time I fed two people for less than $20. Today I fed four people for $36.00. I still say this is a bargain and the food is really good.

Skero's BBQ - 6 years ago

Does anyone know if they are open on Sunday?

New to Kingwood - 6 years ago

Hello. Welcome to Kingwood.

Kroger clicklist website is live for Kroger at 59 and Northpark - 6 years ago

I picked up my first order today and this service gets a big thumbs up from me. There was NO line at the time of pickup. I had one question and they called a supervisor to answer it. The quality of th...

Kroger clicklist website is live for Kroger at 59 and Northpark - 6 years ago

I've placed an order already. This will be so helpful as both my husband and I have difficulty walking around that huge marketplace.

Power out in Kings Mill - 6 years ago

Be glad you have Entergy. If it was Reliant you might be waiting until tomorrow morning.

Water heater broken - 6 years ago

Our water heater stopped heating the water recently. Luckily two men in our family took it upon themselves to help us. One checked with where we bought it but they had no info on the warranty because ...

Who sells organic tumeric in bulk? - 6 years ago

What is the Golden Paste?

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