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I joined this crazy place on 2006-05-07, 12 years ago.

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Beto wins. Trump had a tiny crowd. - 36 days ago

[i]"O'Rourke, a former congressman for El Paso who ran a high-profile challenge against GOP Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, said in an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Thursday, "Absolutely, I'd take the...

SHUTDOWN SOLUTION... - 68 days ago

They both own this 100%.

SHUTDOWN SOLUTION... - 71 days ago

Where are our leaders... The Congress has the duty to pass legislation that will be signed into law by the President. Both branches (and their leaders) are acting like spoiled children refusing ...

Is Trump and better president than Obama? - 79 days ago

[i]"Literally had ZERO scandals."[/i] I guess that depends on your definition of scandal. Ignorant bias is what is truly harming this country. Every president has had scandal.

Lawn service and much more.. - 79 days ago

will you do lawn aeration this year?

Two 15 YO's Died Yesterday in a Murder/Suicide - 130 days ago

[i]conservatives in the US focus on thoughts and prayers, and not an actual discussion on gun violence in the US. [/i] That is such a sophomoric view point. The attack against "thoughts and prayers...

No discussion on the bombs.... - 148 days ago

[i]According to anyone with a functioning brain, [/i] It's king of ironic that in the post complaining about abusive language you yourself used abusive language.

POLL: O' Roarke vs Cruz for the senate - 152 days ago

Someone who has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature would have to be outstanding to get my vote.

Stay Safe Driving - 156 days ago Give Mr. P a call and see if he still trains. He is fantastic.

Will Donald Trump Be Impeached Or Resign? Betting Odds And What Experts Say About President-Elect's - 161 days ago

[i]My heroes name is Willie Nelson?[/i] His heroes have always been cowboys....

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