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I joined this crazy place on 2006-05-07, 12 years ago.

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Glass with Class - 6 days ago

[url=]Freebird Glass[/url] They have repaired our front door several times. I'm not positive they can do a shower door, but give them a call.

Where is the donald? - 29 days ago

[i]Says the Faux News lover. Hypocrite much??[/i] The mirror never lies...

Where is the donald? - 30 days ago

These pictures are really a mirror... Some people see the Leaders of this country, putting their petty differences aside to honor one of their own. Being cordial and supportive in a time of hurt. ...

Arming the teachers WILL GO WILDLY WRONG, Just you wait and see - 55 days ago

He killed himself when confronted by the officer. "Suspect Austin Rollins, a student at Great Mills High School, shot himself in the head at the same instant the school?s sole resource officer, Dep...

McCabe's firing - 64 days ago

Comey had to act on the intelligence he was presented during the election. Regardless of his bias, he would have been culpable legally had he not. #Weiner

Value of Life - 65 days ago

This is one of the best threads ever. Passing a law to prevent putting dogs in overhead bins, will not prevent anything. It would make the act illegal, and therefore, you will be breaking the law ...

Fire and Fury - 79 days ago

The Green Button you pressed to start this thread says "Start A Discussion" If you are looking for people to not comment about something they dislike, you probably are new to the internet. See, ...

Melanya no Einstein - 82 days ago

Einstein wasn't from America, and spoke English with a heavy eastern euro accent. She's probably more like Einstein than many of the posters here on KU.

Rubio supports changing gun ownership law to 21 - 85 days ago

Increasing security at our schools will happen. There is no law that can be passed that will lessen the immediate threat. This will require upgrade in technology, modifications to the existing fi...

Active HS Shooting in Fla - 96 days ago

Joe. Serious question. Are you suggesting that the police should have ?roughed the kid up? while he surrendered peacefully ?

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