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Best places to get married around HOuston?

who's talking here?

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txlittlestar --- 9 years ago -

I just got engaged! I'm excited but not sure where to have a wedding in the hoston. I've exhausted "" and but there has to be more out there. Have you been to any weddings in unique locations? I've thought about the museum, but would rather find a place where I can have the ceremony and reception in the same location with out making guests relocate. Also, the smaller the better (under 100 guests)-- i want to enjoy it too! ANy help wouold be greatly appreciated! THanks! 

jenAlynn --- 9 years ago -

i did a wedding at the firehouse museum downtown last April and it was really pretty! and it was all right there which is great and congrats on your engagement! 

ghostpost --- 9 years ago -

I went to a wedding recently held at the gazebo on the grounds of the Houstonian Hotel...the reception followed inside with a buffet and band. (They also have smaller rooms inside where a ceremony can be performed). It was lovely. 

june --- 9 years ago -

We have friends who were married in the Rose Garden at Herman Park. This was years ago but I believe it is still there. There was a building on the property where a reception was held. 

ambergris --- 9 years ago -

I discovered asking photographers was a great idea. They've been to so many and they can tell you which places photo the best as well. 

NewMommy --- 9 years ago -

My brother is getting married at Shirley Acres in January. I haven't seen the place in person yet but his girlfriend went to a wedding there and said it was nice. 

Chelle Ag --- 9 years ago -

My friend got married at The Parador in Houston off of Binz. It was beautiful, and they did everything on site. The food and atmosphere were wonderful for an elegant wedding. Oh, and Congratulations!! 

NewMommy --- 9 years ago -

Congrats! Sorry I didn't say that before. :) 

cr8zymom --- 9 years ago -

There is a new place just west of 45 on 2920. Not sure of the name but I passed by there today and it looked nice. 

SuperFantastic --- 9 years ago -


©Hanson♥ --- 9 years ago -


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FamilyFirst711 --- 9 years ago -

We had are wedding at LeJardin Gardens off of 1960 it is a wonderful place!!!! They do outside and inside weddings and they also do catering and everything you can thank of. They made my wedding day and the process a wonderful one you might want to go out there and see it is is just gorgeous!!! There Number is 281-580-2547 17103 Bamwood Rd. Houston TX 77090 

Allimama --- 9 years ago -

Congratulations! My sister had her reception at Shirley Acres and said that it was the only part of her wedding that was stress free. They were really professional and took care of anything. I needed a place close to Humble, so I had my reception at Shady Oaks which is close to Old Towne Spring. They also did a really nice job. The place is a little floofy, but Nancy, the woman who arranged mine, was wonderful! 

haleyj134 --- 9 years ago -

Alot of people get married at Spring Chateau (sp) it is very nice there they have different building for different size wedding and they have a gazebo and other things outside to accomidate what kind of wedding you want. I went to a wedding at LeJardin Gardens a couple of months ago I wasn't impressed. The inside of the place really looked thrown together. 

anns --- 9 years ago -

I got married at Heather's Glen in Conroe. It is beautiful and the people are great. The lady I worked with were Lela and Heather. Both awesome!! There was actually a huge blow up at the wedding and both women were great in calming me down and reassuring me. And they just built a chapel I believe. I got married outside in the gazebo, but from pictures they chapel is gorgeous. link title 

anns --- 9 years ago -

Oops did something wrong. i'll try again. Heather's Glen 

Shortnsassy --- 9 years ago -

My niece was married at Tuscan Villas at Garden Oaks...I think that's what it was called. It was a beautiful place! 

beagle mommy --- 9 years ago -

Ashton Gardens is absolutely wonderful. You can have the ceremony and reception in the same place, they give you a wedding coordinator, and its gorgeous! They are superb and the food is amazing 

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