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KW booster club discount card? - 6 years ago

I will do that - thank you!

KW booster club discount card? - 6 years ago

Yes the Mustang card

KW booster club discount card? - 6 years ago

I need one of the new KW cards with discounts. I think the booster club sells them. Last time a kid was going door to door and I got one. Anyone know where I can get one?

Lost black cat from woodstream - 6 years ago

On the left, off the sidewalk

Lost black cat from woodstream - 6 years ago

I also run the trails near that area regularly. From NP, if you head down Mills Branch, pass the pool, pass the wooded section there is a random drive way...I think it has a for sale sign. I saw a b...

What is being built on Mills Branch beside the new neighborhood? - 7 years ago

The house across the street has a big sign in protest. Gas and beer.

Water Bill!!Update - 7 years ago

When I lived in Kings River and water was thru MUD 151 my bill was about $40 and I had a pool and a green yard.

Water Bill!!Update - 7 years ago

If you only have 1 meter and you run your sprinklers you will be charged for sewage on that as well. You need 2 meters....1 for your house water and sewage costs and 1 for sprinklers only. That's wh...

Anybody's SuddenLink Internet still out? - 7 years ago

Mine went out during the storm too. I called several times and was told on Saturday everything was fixed and it was just me. They couldn't get anyone out for a week. In the meantime I figured out t...

A/C Question - Is my mom getting ripped off? - 7 years ago

Thank you all! I texted her the replies and told her to PLEASE get another quote and make sure they specify WHAT is being replaced. It's a very small town, she is single, you HAVE to have an A/C.....

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