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Graduation at Reliant Stadium...overkill?

who's talking here?

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fishlady --- 7 years ago -

I am sorry, I have a son that is graduating next year from KPHS, his class is around 460 people. The school district gets a contract with Reliant stadium for the day and then splits the costs between the is around 20,000! WTH!??? We could use the Humble Civic Center for 4000 and have plenty of room and not have a 45 min. drive! This is such a waste and it comes out of the senior budget.......we should be able to opt out of it if we do not want to pay that much money but we can't. I am writing the school board because this is a gross misuse of funds available....use the funds to give out scholarships, not rent reliant stadium. I have 800 in my graduating class, went to a 5A school and we had chairs on the football field we sat in, granted it was hot and we were all sweaty but we lived! Our families sat in the stands......why are our kids too good to sweat, why are they having these lavish proms at Hotels and graduations at NFL football stadiums? What are we teaching our kids? This is just my opinion and I will be sharing it with the school board..... 

fishlady --- 7 years ago -

20,000 per scchool......and get this the Atascocita high school goes before KPHS this year and they have about 80 more kids than KPHS, they asked could those extra 80 chairs be removed for the next graduation and they were told yes, for 5.00 a chair.......this just makes me angry.... 

fishlady --- 7 years ago -

Maybe I am in the minority here with this opinion with the "overkill" and that is why I posted this, to see if it is just me thinking this is a stupid waste of funds that could go for so much more.... 

sweetscreaminmonkey --- 7 years ago -

I know one reason they use the indoor facilites is due to the weather.. i graduated in 88 from HHS and we graduated on friday night and KHS graduated on sat and it was a rain out.. parents and families were ticked since some came from out of state to attend.. so i know that is one reason they changed.. but i agree reliant is too much.. there are places closer and cheaper.. my son's class did theirs at aldine 2 yrs ago 

planemom --- 7 years ago -

I agree with you. What places are closer that could hold everybody? 

Mabbers --- 7 years ago -

I totally agree. We thought the same thing attending ds's graduation. 

fishlady --- 7 years ago -

There is a place at the University of Houston, an arena I think, and then there is the Humble Civic Center which is plenty big enough for 455 kids! I understand the weather factor, our school had it where if it rained each family would be given 2 tickets and we had it in the 5 years it happened once....sure you have family come in but you still get to all meet back at the house and spend time isn't fair......but our kids do not even know what that means because they are taught that if it isn't fair you should complain louder.... Just think asking parents who are already raising money for project graduation to donate 20.000 of that to reliant stadium is not fair....KPHS doesn't have the fundraising that KHS does and probably never will..... 

Deltadawn --- 7 years ago -

I don't understand why they aren't using the Civic Center. 

Mabbers --- 7 years ago -

and then there is the Humble Civic Center which is plenty big enough for 455 kids! Exactly. We had a huge graduation (for mine) and it was done at our football stadium. And there's yet ANOTHER option. 

fishlady --- 7 years ago -

This new 20 million dollar turner stadium should be a good would still be cheaper to hire huge tents to cover the field in case of rain for the students to sit under, parents sit in stands with their umbrellas like we do when we watch football in the rain......still has to be cheaper than 20,000!!! 

Mabbers --- 7 years ago -

The reliant is simply stupid. 

Mabbers --- 7 years ago -

Plus. It's bad on the shoe heels. LOL. Too much freakin' walking. 

ladybug678 --- 7 years ago -

I would love to hear the school boards rationale behind this expense. When I graduated MANY yrs ago, we held graduation in Turner Stadium and it was fine. It rained during the practice but nobody melted. 

Ann72 --- 7 years ago -

My graduation was at Hofheinz Pavilion . We were the first class (`92) from KHS to go off campus for a graduation. As a parent now of a future K-Park student, I too am not looking forward to the distance to travel and hopefully the administration will have better arrangements. BTW, what ever happen to the use of Hofheinz Pavilion? 

justcat --- 7 years ago -

I dont have a graduate,but thought the same thing..I dont even want to think about the drudge it takes to get over there..and then the walk matter where you park....and in the heat of the school is calling louder and louder.. :) 

Mom's Taxi Service --- 7 years ago -

I think I will email/write the school board as well. Surely, if enough people voice their concerns and question it - they will look at other options. Seriously, KPHS does NOT need Reliant Stadium! There are cheaper options out there! 

sweetpea* --- 7 years ago -

Not for or against the use of Reliant but from what I understand, when using Reliant the graduate is not limited in the number of family members or friends attending. I will play devil's advocate with the following example: When you have 2 parents, 4 grandparents and any number of siblings wanting to attend (this is not even counting any aunts, uncles or cousins) and the school limits you to 4 tickets for graduation, how do you choose who gets to attend without causing bad feelings with your families? 

sweetpea* --- 7 years ago -

I would also think that using the Humble Civic would place a limit on the number of guests attending. 

kwtraveler --- 7 years ago -

Humble ISD all graduate at Reliant and have for years 

justcat --- 7 years ago -

I dont think if you had it at Turner Stadium,you would be limited either... 

sweetpea* --- 7 years ago -

Yes Turner would probably not have a limit but if you are not a native Texan or Houstonian, you would also not be able to handle any humidity during the ceremony. I know my wimpy relatives would not let me forget it either. 

ladybug678 --- 7 years ago -

We had over 800 in our class at Turner stadium and there was no limit to the number of guests allowed 

justcat --- 7 years ago -

Well.I dont know,it could just be we even know how much more the cost is,than doing it here? You gotta admit...the district can use all the money it can right now.. 

Mabbers --- 7 years ago -

I have a hard time believing the 'limit' issue. When ds graduated from KHS, people only took up a very VERY small portion of the stadium. Very silly. And what's worse? The graduates are so stinkin' far away, unless you have a Rambo camera...fuhgetaboutit. 

sweetpea* --- 7 years ago -

I would probably be hearing about how uncomfortable they were and couldn't enjoy the ceremony, yada yada yada for umpteen number of years, I'm sure. 

Iluvdzny --- 7 years ago -

I heard that every prom from here on out will be held at the Humble Civic center for KPHS. My gripe about all this is there is no communication regarding fundraising for the class of 2011. I had no idea they were doing magazine sales until I got an email from the PTA with that in there. If they want people to help raise money for stuff, they need to communicate it to the parents. When I graduated we held our graduation at Texas Stadium and it was HOT! 

reh6110 --- 7 years ago -

Humble ISD all graduate at Reliant and have for years It hasn't been that long. I graduated in 01, my brother in 03 and we were both at Hofienz. 

justcat --- 7 years ago - long has it been,since they did it in the football stadium? 

TexasOma --- 7 years ago -

Our friend's son is graduating from Deer Park High School this year and the graduation ceremonies will be held as usual in their football stadium. That's where our son and our daughter graduated in 98 & 99 and one year it was rainy and the other it was hot....we survived. I believe they issue tickets now to hold down the crowd....I know my niece in Austin had to get a ticket for me to attend her's several years ago - they limit each graduate to a certain number of seats to hold down the attendance. Using Reliant for that amount of money is ridiculous and foolish when the budgets are so slim for families and the districts. 

Sweetie Pie --- 7 years ago -

I have a son graduating this year from K=Park. I cannot address the money issues because I know nothing about that although $20000 seems like a whole lot. But I can say that after 4 years of high school I'm not going to complain about having to drive downtown, and park, and/or walk to get to see my son graduate. It's inconvenient but it's ONCE in 4 years and once in a lifetime for him. I'd rather that than ever take a chance on being "rained out". Or even no rain but the heat and humidity would be miserable. I'm sure I wouldn't melt and neither would they but I think inside is the way to go. Humble Civic center may be an option, especially for a smaller school like K-Park. I'm looking forward to it. I know my son and his friends think it's a big deal to have their graduation at Reliant. So it's good with me. 

loving --- 7 years ago -

I have a child graduating this year, and I am actually glad that her grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and siblings can go. When I graduated, I got 4 tickets (I didn't go to school in this state); when my sister graduated it rained and they were only allowed 2 tickets each (this was 21 years ago); I still remember being so upset I couldn't go That being said, it would be nice to have somewhere closer to have graduation at 

Q The Rain in 5 4 3 2 --- 7 years ago -

The kids love it! I think it is nicely done at Reliant...and DD's class's families from KHS nearly filled up the stadium! It is an exciting time in an exciting place! Lots of dinner choices in that area, too. You only graduate once. Make it a bid deal! Humble Civic Center is too, uh, underdone? 

gumbeauxgirl --- 7 years ago -

Overkill. Oldest dd graduated last year. When ds graduated from KHS, people only took up a very VERY small portion of the stadium. Very silly. And what's worse? The graduates are so stinkin' far away, unless you have a Rambo camera...fuhgetaboutit. Exactly!!! Actually I agree with everything JMABS said. 

chappers --- 7 years ago -

I graduated from KHS and we had our ceremonies at Turner. The HEAT was overkill, and it was truly hard to enjoy it. The year before my graduation, it did rain, and no one even had the chance to WALK! 

picasso1 --- 7 years ago -

The district secures the graduation facilities-the cost does not come out of a school or senior class budget. School district money does not go toward scholarships for students-not part of the budget so the use of Reliant Stadium would have no impact on scholarships or lack of. 

Mom's Taxi Service --- 7 years ago -

I have a friend that works at one of the high schools and the district does NOT cover all of the costs. I thought that too - until she told me! 

Anna --- 7 years ago -

back in the day...KHS held graduation at the footbal stadium in Humble. The seniors walked 2 by 2 around the track in a processional. Graduation was about 4 hours long...and HOT. 

marthas attic (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

I graduated from KHS at was hot but we did survive. My dd graduated from KHS also and we went to Reliant. It is a long drive, and a long walk..but I agree its a once in a lifetime thing. I do agree that 20,000 is excessive. Maybe this should be something voted on. 

KWnewbie --- 7 years ago -

I agree its an overkill. I graduated outside in the heat on astro turf and believe me when i say that crap heats up pretty fast. Being said, i think a closer reasonable facility would be best. I'll have one graduating from KHS 2013, 2016 and 2017. I'm counting down the days just like they are. 

fishlady --- 7 years ago -

I agree about a once in a lifetime experience.....but I know when my son graduates I don't care where I am watching it from, I would rather be close enough to take my own pictures and see it happen......I know people think it is a huge deal and it is but these kids world will not end if it is done at a cheaper location. As far as the district taking care of it I have talked to someone who pm'd me tonight that told me it comes out of the senior budget and is not optional because the contract with the venue is made by the school system for the day use.......I never said the school district should use the money for scholarships I said that the senior budget (project graduation and other fundraising done for seniors) is the money it comes from and THAT money CAN be used to sponsor cash scholarships, it goes to buy cars to give away.....imagine what 20,000 could do...... I will be at the reliant center next Saturday watching my nephew graduate from KPHS, I will voice my opinion again after I have experienced it first hand.....I am not looking forward to walking all that way in dress shoes though..... As far as the heat goes by having it at Turner, My graduation, it had rained the day before and it was hot and muggy and 90 degrees but I didn't care, I honestly didn't care about "walking", it was a long boring wait and really all we were waiting for was the after graduation parties and grandparents were in their 80's, Aunts and Uncles all went but were told ahead of time if it rained only my mom and dad could come...they were fine with it....pretty sure after they called my name and I got my diploma (not even the real thing) my family, at least the older ones quietly left and went home to wait to see me afterwards.... I will see next Saturday..... If the class is 450 graduating, and an average of 4 people came per person (some will only have one or two at the most, so it will average out) that is 1800 people, even if you went up to 2000 I have been inside the Humble Civic Center and there is plenty of room for 2500 people in there...but there are other venues to look at. I just still think it is excessive, my son says it will be kinda cool to be down on the football field the Texans play on, but not that big of a deal, heck KHS football team has played a game on that field.... But I may change my tune after next Saturday, we will see.... I wouldn't be against charging 5.00 a ticket to attend the ceremonies in order to pay for the venue...... 

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