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Apple Moving

who's talking here?

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Apple Moving --- 10 years ago -

Need Movers? Call Apple Movers today and inquire about the Manager's Special! If you want a move that's stress free and done right? Call us @ 281-446-0022 office between 8am-5pm. 

Porter Wagoner (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

I need a movement. Just a little backed up from all the holiday food. Can you help? 

freebyrdII --- 10 years ago -

Oh God!!! Another advertiser!!! UGH!!! 

genxer --- 10 years ago -

Don't you just hate this. So many of us have businesses and never behave this way.

I personally tend to shy away from businesses that employ these tactics. 

Aah Grasshoppa --- 10 years ago -

Aren't there some old threads discussing Apple Movers? 

freebyrdII --- 10 years ago -

I guess there's no consistent way to manage it..... it is what it is & we can ignore it. 

SCENTSYallday --- 10 years ago -

Yes there is older threads. All I hear from friends that have used them is that they are terrible. They tend to break things and NOT pay for them to be replaced. There are MUCH cheaper companies out there than Apple. 

Jack's Mom --- 10 years ago -

The are HORRIBLE! Broke many of my things and then refused to work with me to pay them. I had to stay on them and never did get it resolved. I would never use them again. 

Xyankee --- 10 years ago -

OMG! these people are horrible! I wrote something last week. Im not sure where I saved it. Broke my kitchen table. $500 - sent me $90! said it was bulk weight! Just last night, I noticed my daughter bed frame was bent. When they put the bed back together, they didn;t put the center support legs down! Don;t ever use them! We WERE repeat customers too. 

Laurabeth --- 10 years ago -

I would never use them again! Charged me over double what was quoted, and tried to throw my queen mattress set over the third floor balcony because it was too heavy to carry down the stairs! Ugh.......terrible...terrible! 

lizziemom --- 10 years ago -

We used them and it was an AWFUL experience. They broke our desk and an ottoman. They also dropped a piece of furniture halfway down the stairs, scratching the steps and taking a chunk out of the wood floor beneath them. We had bought extra insurance through them and still nothing was covered. 

SuperFantastic --- 10 years ago -

So i guess this place blows?


Jack's Mom --- 10 years ago -

So i guess this place blows?
Yes, I would say so. They are cheap so I guess everyone tries them ONCE and then figures out why. Like most things, you get what you pay for. 

Gigix4 --- 10 years ago -

Sure glad I didn't use them. I used 3 Men Movers and did not have 1 single problem. 

Xyankee --- 10 years ago -

SO right JM - We did the same thing. went with the 2nd lowest bidder (by about 50 bux). You get what you pay for. 

Jack's Mom --- 10 years ago -

User has self-obliterated

Guess they didnt think to lock the thread before they left. 

Froggie --- 10 years ago -

I agree with everyone else...these people are terrible. they damaged my formal dining table by using a rope to secure it in their truck....they would never return my calls so I'm stuck with a beautiful dining table with a very nasty mar on it. Stay away from these people!! 

susie q --- 10 years ago -

I guess it really depends on the moving guys. A consignment store here in Naples uses them to pick up items that people want to consign. I know that if they were bad, the Conservency here wouldn't use them as one of their movers. 

RedMulch --- 10 years ago -

I need a movement. Just a little backed up from all the holiday food. Can you help?

Try some Activia

I have moved 15-20 times in my life and i refuse to move again......... 

Xyankee --- 10 years ago -

Very True Susie Q. We used them for a 2nd time in 2 years. The first one went well. Hardworking guys, busted their butts, etc. You could tell the 2 young ones didn;t want to be doing this. The 2nd time, I bought these guys lunch, gave them 2 bikes that needed minimal work, and tipped them!! Must be that account means more to them than the average mover... 

Tipsyhic --- 10 years ago -

Seams like alot of trouble just to move an apple. How about pears? 

RedMulch --- 10 years ago -

Seams like alot of trouble just to move an apple. How about pears?

Blenders are good to move apples and pears......... 

Texasteach --- 10 years ago -

Wow...I have used them twice and had good experiences. But it has been at least 5 years... 

angeltree --- 10 years ago -

I know people that have used them and loved them......maybe it all depends on what crew you get? 

SineadORebellion --- 10 years ago -

We've used them 3 times and never had a problem! I will use them the next time we move! 

sprstar79 --- 10 years ago -

I have used apple for all of my moves without any problems. I highly recommend them to all of my friends and I will use them for any of my other moves!!!!! 

sunshine1881 --- 10 years ago -

sprstar79 --- 47 sec ago - quote - hide comments

I have used apple for all of my moves without any problems. I highly recommend them to all of my friends and I will use them for any of my other moves!!!!!

Ummm, yea, it would have been best to just leave it with the recommendations of the long-time members that have said good things. Creating an account five minutes ago to sing the praises of a company REALLY makes it look like you work for the company. 

CarmelGirl --- 10 years ago -

You guys look interesting! Is there a fued going back and forth between parties? Love watching people battle about life's least interesting things. All of you need to pay attention to something more interesting, like GOD! 

Xyankee --- 10 years ago -

No one goes by the the good comments anyway. Nor should they. If you read several bad ones, that's enough reason to look elsewhere. Like the old saying goes, have a good experience, tell one person. Have a bad experience, tell 10 people. 

freebyrdII --- 9 years ago -


In AbsentiaW --- 9 years ago -

Cheap, didn't damage furniture but certainly wrecked the doors, corners and walls on the way out. 

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