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IbarraFam222 --- 8 years ago -

Baby Caleb Job will be here tomorrow!

I'm not really for being induced but my husband is still in the probationary period at the fire department and can't take days off so we scheduled the induction so he can be there. :)

Thanks to the KUers that have helped my DH work on their yards for extra money for our family and also to any of the church goers at KCoC. Y'all are awesome and a true blessing. Kingwood defintely has given us a sense of community.

There's another KUer due soon! Good luck to you!!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Lots of love from the Ibarra fam! 

sunshine1881 --- 8 years ago -

Congrats!! And Good Luck!! What a great Christmas present!! 

Bornanraisedkw --- 8 years ago -

Hugs!! I didn't know u went to my church. I will have to meet you ;). Best wishes on your induction. I hope that is the only intervention you have. New babies are heaven sent! 

newstufftosay --- 8 years ago -


doglady --- 8 years ago -

Congrats and blessings for your new baby!!! 

IbarraFam222 --- 8 years ago -

Thanks everyone! I'm gettin nervous! Hope I can sleep tonight! 

Bornanraisedkw --- 8 years ago -

Try to sleep ;). Cuz after baby sleep will be a longed after memory;). Praying for you!! I will def try and find you at church when you are recovered ;) 

justforfun1 --- 8 years ago -

Congrats and if you don't mind can you post us a pic or two? Babies are such beautiful blessings. 

RedMulch --- 8 years ago -

that's a really nice name you will be fine......don't worry and sleep 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 8 years ago -


I had to be induced so if I may offer some advice, start trying now by being with your husband, ya know, in the biblical sense. It would be great if you can start things going naturally bc pitocin is pretty rough stuff.

Prayers for a safe and speedy delivery!! 

~grandma again~ --- 8 years ago -

congratulations! i would take a baby for Christmas any day! what a blessing and gift for you and your hubby!! 

Polly Ester --- 8 years ago -

how exciting. congrats. 

IbarraFam222 --- 8 years ago -

I won't see my husband until tomorrow at the hospital. He's on tour and doesn't get off until around 7 am. :(

My last labor was a breeze and they gave me an epidural really early on and I'm just praying it goes as easy and we are both healthy.

Thanks again for having us in your thoughts! Ill try and post a pic when he gets here :) 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 8 years ago -

Oh! Well I guess sex is probably out of the question then! Just rest then! 

QueenCassie --- 8 years ago -

Aww, how exciting! What a wonderful blessing! I hope you post a pic :) Will be praying for you that all goes well. 

Bornanraisedkw --- 8 years ago -

Get some sleep tonight ;) 

FabFive --- 8 years ago -

As someone who has had 5 kids, 3 of them inductions, here is some advice: go in, get your iv, get your epidural, get your water broken, then get the pitocin. This order saves you the most pain.

I would never recommend this for a first timer but since your first was easy, this should be, too. You can also ask for Cervidil which is applied to your cervix and can jump start things before the pitocin.

My first was long and drawn out, my middle three were done this way, and my last was no meds. Get the epidural as soon as possible, even before pit if possible. You don't want the anesthesiologist in a surgery or another room when you need him.

Blessings and good vibes. Babies are gifts from God and you are so blessed. We will be praying for you and Caleb. 

Dorothy Parker --- 8 years ago -

Definitely get that epidural early on!!

Congrats and best wishes for a smooth labor and delivery! :) 

IbarraFam222 --- 8 years ago -

Oh I hope I can get an early epidural! This is my 4th baby and the first two the hospital screwed me over so bad. The first one I was in intense pain from at least midnight to around 9 am. With my daughter no epidural because they waited too long and by the time they started to disinfect she started crowning. With the 3rd it was amazing. My water broke naturally and they gave me an epidural after pitocin. I was in pain maybe an hour tops! And I'm hoping for that' again. I'm healthy and the baby is healthy so hopefully that makes a difference!

Signing off for the night!

Good night!!! 

FabFive --- 8 years ago -

For anyone lurking who is undecided on the epidural:

The last 3 posters have a collective of 14 babies and we all say GET THE EPIDURAL EARLY!

That should leave no doubt LOL 

ladybeachbum --- 8 years ago -

The miracle of birth is just so amazing. Holding that baby afterward...nothing like it. 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 8 years ago -

I had twins and they have me the epidural right before breaking my water. Labor was actually way easier than I expected. 

QueenCassie --- 8 years ago -

Praying for you this morning! Pretty soon you'll be holding that precious baby :) 

IbarraFam222 --- 8 years ago -

Caleb was born right before 3 pm. He is 7 pounds 15 oz! They haven't taken his length yet. We are both doing great and I had a pain FREE labor. Literally pain free! Amazing.

Thanks everyone for the prayers! It could not have gone any better.

He's in the nursery and I'm feeling woozy so I am going to nap now.

We are so in love! I hope everyone is having a good day. 

Bornanraisedkw --- 8 years ago -

Ku post of the day!!! Happiness!!! 

kidsfan3 --- 8 years ago -

Congratulations! What a special Christmas gift!! 

IbarraFam222 --- 8 years ago -

Caleb has jaundice. :( he has spent most of this time in phototherapy. He isn't totally better but they are keeping him off the light to see if it jumps up. Prayers it stays the same or goes down. Id love to take him home today worry free. 

doglady --- 8 years ago -

Ibarra, don't want to sound indifferent about the jaundice, but it isn't terrible. Mine had it, and was under the lights for a day or two and was okay. If you are nursing, just nurse as much as you can, if not they will push formula. Mine was born 28 years ago in Dec and we were just fine in a few days. Unless things have changed, try not to worry. Baby Caleb will be just fine:). Congrats on your new love:) what a wonderful Christmas for y'all!! 

Bornanraisedkw --- 8 years ago -

Frequent nursing is great for that. Hope he gets better soon. Can't wait to see a pic. 

AudreyO --- 8 years ago -

Congrats! Blessings and hopefully everything will be just fine for a trip home soon! :) 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 8 years ago -

Congrats on your little one!!

And I second born, frequent nursing helps! Bilirubin exits through the bowels, and nursing has a laxative effect. So the more often you nurse, the more he will poop, and the lower his bilirubin levels will be. 

IbarraFam222 --- 8 years ago -

We got to go home. Later than expected but we are here!

He still needs testing but hopefully we will be out of the woods by Christmas.

I only worry because my daughter was hospitalized because of jaundice as a baby. I have antibodies that attack my babies. 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 8 years ago -

Well quit messing around and posts some pics of our new KU baby!!! (Please...). :) 

FabFive --- 8 years ago -

I am sure he will be just fine, bu we are praying anyways! We are ready for pics, too! 

IbarraFam222 --- 8 years ago -


Dorothy Parker --- 8 years ago -

Soooo cute and peaceful!!

Congratulations and enjoy the peace while it lasts! :P 

justforfun1 --- 8 years ago -

He is beautiful. Can I say that about a boy? I just mean he is adorable. 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 8 years ago -

Oooooooh he is just adorable!!!!!!! 

Bornanraisedkw --- 8 years ago -

I want him ;). So adorable!!! 

Bornanraisedkw --- 8 years ago -


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