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I joined this crazy place on 2007-07-27, 16 years ago.

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Pooper scooper service... - 10 years ago

This is wonderful service for people with dogs and no time to do this. They also will do a one time clean up of a huge job for a fee. [url=]Wholly Krap pooper scooper service f...

Furry Christmas present? - 10 years ago

You might also consider cat rescues? There are a lot of them that keep their cats and even kittens in foster homes and make sure they're in good health and up to date in shots before adopting out. ...

US Nails on Northpark - 10 years ago

Yes, they are open on Sundays. Sorry, I don't know what they charge for a fill.

KEURIG Coffee Maker???? - 10 years ago

I used to have a Tassimo and then had Keurig way back when. I loved them both but then I gae them away and switched to a regular coffee maker. I drink so much coffee that I found it was a huge wast...

cops on north park and - 10 years ago

That's crazy Annie.

It is time - 10 years ago

Congrats! Blessings and hopefully everything will be just fine for a trip home soon! :)

Freezing Meals - 11 years ago

I just threw out a whole load from my freezer of foods that were like the top 5 as well as baked beans and pot roast. No one ever liked them to begin with - that was my mistake. Live and learn.

Kings Harbor is pleased to welcome Puerto - 11 years ago

I was there a few weeks ago. Same thing - bad service, slow food and when it arrived we were less than impressed. This was over lunch and not dinner. We won't be back which is a shame because i lov...

Freezing Meals - 11 years ago

I think kidsfan3 is talking about [url=]these containers[/url]. But I couldn't find them at HEB so I just got some regular ones. Fin...

Severe drought AGAIN! - 11 years ago

Guess I need to start watering my trees and grass too. It never fails to rain about 10 hours after I do it. :(

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