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Kings Harbor is pleased to welcome Puerto

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It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 9 years ago -


Kings Harbor is pleased to welcome Puerto, a original restaurant serving up tacos and cervezas. Your palette will enjoy enticing selections such as the cinnamon chipotle shrimp tacos with lettuce and lime, the seared tilapia tacos with fresh cabbage or the veggie option–with Portobello mushrooms, sweet peppers and Chimichurri’s salsa. There’s plenty of additional options with the delicious traditional burrito or share the fried jalapenos with crab meat. 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 9 years ago -

another new place, sounds yummy 

Mabs --- 9 years ago -

Alright, I've died and gone to heaven. 

elliemae --- 9 years ago -

Yes!!! I want to go right now! My ho hum spinach wrap will not do it for me today after reading that description. 

sunshine1881 --- 9 years ago -

The tacos and beer thing as their main selling point makes me laugh for some reason. 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 9 years ago -

Its a shorts and flip flops place, beer and tacos will be perfect. Gotta have some variety in this bubble. Sounds super yummy and I hope it is. 

Mabs --- 9 years ago -

Anything attempting to replicate coastal ice houses sounds perfect to moi. 

Brittany's Mom --- 9 years ago -

So when is this going to open? 

*Annie* --- 8 years ago -

Open sign is on.

Has anyone tried it yet? 

Winning --- 8 years ago -

I noticed it was open when we were at Sharky's this weekend. I'll be there this weekend to try it! 

IbarraFam222 --- 8 years ago -

There are reviews on their facebook page.

The menu is priced $11 and under. Sounds like a good time to sit next to the harbor, eat some tacos, and drink some beer! I wonder if they sell margaritas! 

B12Fan --- 8 years ago -

We went last Friday and really liked it! Prices are great. We didn't eat a ton of stuff. I had oysters (they had like a nice pico on top) and tortilla soup - very yummy.
I can't remember what the wife had but she said she liked hers as well.

I heard the wait time was rough the first day or two it was open but it seems like they have that all worked out. We were seated in less than half an hour and we waited less than 15 mins for our food from the time we ordered. All staff seemed nice. We will go back. 

RedMulch --- 8 years ago -

I want some Alcapurria.........and plantains..... 

Perfection --- 8 years ago -

How long before it closes?

I hope it makes it, but Kingwood isn't good for restaurants it seems. 

Perfection --- 8 years ago -

their menu 

Shenanigans --- 8 years ago -

The reviews I heard were bad on both food and service, but hopefully it will get better after working out those first couple of weeks kinks that most resaurants seem to have. 

Aah Grasshoppa --- 8 years ago -

Anyone eaten there lately? 

Jpgirl --- 8 years ago -

I was there yesterday- it was my second visit in 6 weeks. Both times service was slow and poor. Two people at our table went without water for over 30 minutes. Food was just ok-not really to my taste. Yesterday they lost power so food came in spurts- that's not their fault, but they got 2 orders completely wrong and the rest of us were done but the time their food came. Had to ask repeatedly for the check and then wait and wait for the waiter to come back and take the money. On our first visit a spider crawled out of my dh' s taco- we didn't make a huge deal but did notify management. They gave the whole table free desserts. Of course the little bugger waited to crawl out AFTER dh had finished 2 tacos. I won't go back. 

~grandma again~ --- 8 years ago -

YIKES!!! I am not too fond of spiders in my tacos at all! No way would I go back. 

Aah Grasshoppa --- 8 years ago -

Thanks for the info! Answers my question. 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 8 years ago -

I've been once, not good on service or food. I was there at lunch and the place was not busy. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

On our first visit a spider crawled out of my dh' s taco-

Holy spider bites Bat Man. That is RIDICULOUS! That would be the death blow for me. Just gross. 

Winning --- 8 years ago -

Meh. I'm not eager to go back. 

Just Aitch --- 8 years ago -

We have been twice, the first time the food was cold and drinks did not get filled very promptly. The second time, they lost power and the food was cold...nice location and the staff were very apologetic. I love the salsa, but think the tacos are more of an appetizer size, than a main course. 

Good Ole USA --- 8 years ago -

I haven't been there but it looks nice. Hope they get it together. Sometimes service is the worst at places when it's slow or when you are outside. Love Kings Harbor but wish it were more like Town Center or the Woodlands. Poorly planned. 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 8 years ago -

I haven't been there but it looks nice. Hope they get it together

me too, the place is very nice and the patio is great too. 

Puss In Boots --- 8 years ago -

I'm sticking with cat tacos. ;) 

Mago4058 --- 8 years ago -

My shrimp wasn't cooked and the server didn't say anything to us. Not even thanks for coming, after years in the food industry I tend to over tip, this time I felt bad even leaving a tip. Lol, not in a hurry to go back.... 

Winning --- 8 years ago -

This thread should be sent to the owner/manager. I thought maybe we just went on an off day. :( 

AudreyO --- 8 years ago -

I was there a few weeks ago. Same thing - bad service, slow food and when it arrived we were less than impressed. This was over lunch and not dinner. We won't be back which is a shame because i love dining outside. Its why I love chimichurris so much. 

iwaveatcows --- 8 years ago -

sounded good instead of the added protein of the spider. 

iwaveatcows --- 8 years ago -


msu2u --- 8 years ago -

I've only been once, but enjoyed good food and service. 

Hello Dolly --- 8 years ago -

Went Saturday night. LOVED IT! I have major food allergies, and they accommodated me.Can't wait to go back. 

freebyrdII --- 8 years ago -


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