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KHS Cap and Gown - 12 days ago

Dang we rented the gown but bought the hat back in my day. I wouldn't think they changed the colors same as I had many moons ago! Lol

Sayreville HS Sexual Assaults in Lockeroom - 32 days ago

Haha my mom went there, small world

Ice Skating Rink in Kingwood? - 32 days ago

It's be cool to have a set up like the woodlands does.

School Districts- "Accidents" - 32 days ago

That's awful, I have an open door policy in my room unless I'm given a lesson then it's emergencies. However, there might have been a reason, as for the call our nurse calls (or teacher) , but sometim...

Building on 494? - 34 days ago

I thought it was supposed to be something like kings harbor!?

Anyone had issues with Cari at Portrait Innovations - 47 days ago

I've had issues there. What's the Point of an appointment when people come in late and they serve them. I agree I hate the pricing part . We stopped using them and went with a friend that way I get p...

School Zone on Woodland Hills Drive. - 66 days ago

People honk at me when I'm driving by KHS they get the school zone and light warning sign confused. Ding dongs lol

Chromebook for all NCISD Middle -High School students - 87 days ago

Great to have technology but most schools aren't following coppa laws that protect our students from id theft, pedos, etc. I love technology in the classroom but using it responsibly.

Garage Door Repair Issue/Question - 94 days ago

We used overhead doors and they were pricey. For our motor we decided to go with agape and got a great price.

Solicitors - 103 days ago

What number do I call to report solicitors in the area? A house a block over was robbed last week and I'm now on the watch hahahahaha.

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