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Kingwood Medical Center is a rip-off

who's talking here?

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a3581982uu --- 5 years ago -

I took my son to the ER after a fall. After performing a few simple observations, taking 5 minutes, they said he was fine. Of course we are quite thankful that he is well. They then charged me $1040. This is rediculous and unconscionable. I recommend avoiding Kingwood Medical Center. 

snowprincess --- 5 years ago -

That is pretty typical of the "entry" fee at any ER. Insane, yes. Abnormal, no. 

DVaz --- 5 years ago -

Better off going to the 24-hour clinics. 

SwimSwim --- 5 years ago -

Thats typical of any ER, not just Kingwood Medical Center 

Texvette --- 5 years ago -

Glad your son was OK.

24 hour clinics (if emergency and not urgent care) charge the same.

Kingwood Medical Center is no different from any other hospital, or emergency clinic, in this regard. 

Texvette --- 5 years ago -

Glad your son was OK.

24 hour clinics (if emergency and not urgent care) charge the same.

Kingwood Medical Center is no different from any other hospital, or emergency clinic, in this regard.

I have utilized Kingwood Medical Center in the past year and have been impressed. 

Eliza2 --- 5 years ago -

Emergency rooms are filled with HIGHLY trained personnel and very expensive equipment. $1000 is cheap for instant results and peace of mind. 

*LOL* --- 5 years ago -

Did they charge you that much upfront or did they charge that to your insurance provider? 

in KW after all these years --- 5 years ago -

Not to mention part of the reason it costs so much is all the people who have no insurance and no money get treated for free..well not free exactly..we pay for that 

TinktheSprite --- 5 years ago -

Bottom line, the more servies offered at an ER clinic, whether you use them or not, the more is going to cost you. Had your son had a serious injury, he would have been at the right place to get all the care he needed. So you pay for that possibility. In the future, if you can determine and triage your emergent care as they do in these places, figure out how bad the injury is and possible how much care you *might * need and whether or not a lesser cost with the basics offered, a minor emergency clinic might tie you over until you can see your own doctor. Case in point: I visited a minor emergency clinic. Hours later, I became allergic to the medicine they prescribed. When I called them, they referred me to a Full Service Emergency Hospital for further evaluation, Kingwood ER. 

a2645039uu --- 5 years ago -

You think it is expensive now? wait until it is free! 

Barnstormer --- 5 years ago -

One of them on Northpark looks like a clinic, but it is in reality an emergency room. Took a family member there, got good care but needed hospitalization with a room. SO we got billed thousands for that visit plus went to a regular hospital the same day, for thousands more.Just make sure you ask first. 

Just stuck --- 5 years ago -

I have good care at KMC, both in the emergency room & and as an in patient, with that being said - Be very careful with their billing. They have the most incompetent billing dept. I never pay a bill they send me till I call my insurance carrier first & then call them. I refuse to blindly hand over money. 

Nurse3 --- 5 years ago -

If you were concerned enough to go to an ER then it must have been a doosie of a fall. You are lucky they didn't preform a CAT scan and MRI or you would have really had a bill. ERs are just that, for emergencies. If it is an emergency and you feel that a loved one's life is threatened or yourself, of course you will go there. You have to keep in mind that you are paying for a doctor, a nurse, a tech, a secretary and any other ancillary staff, not just for 5 minutes worth of assessment because you may have needed the rest as well. They are there and working for you even if you don't see them. $1000 is cheap if that is what they billed the insurance company. 

Mago4058 --- 5 years ago -

I agree with the original poster, our issue was with the ER on kingwood drive. The doctor was in the room touched his nose, said nope not broken. When asked if anything else was needed to pay I was told no and went home. Two weeks late $1000+ bill came. Load of crud, I believe a bill should be based on what was done. My daughter broke her femur, went to ER so I expect the bill to be at least $1000 due to all the effort put in. No other job charges outrageous prices for little work if so lots of businesses would be out. I called and fought the bill (I said I was too poor to pay, not a total lie haha!)waiting for the new one. Good luck! 

TinktheSprite --- 5 years ago -

Load of crud, I believe a bill should be based on what was done.

But it can't be done that way. You arrive thinking the worse, wanting the best treatment available. To have those machines, staff, equipment and whatever it takes to possibly give you the best care possible costs money. If you leave after being simply touched by a doctor, yes, you are going to pay for that. But also you will pay to have those others on standby just in case. That is what you are paying for. Not everything constitutes a medical emergency. Sure, it's scary and painful, but some things are simply NOT an emergency. Remember your ABC's: Airway. Breathing. Circulation. If you have all that, you are not an emergency. 

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