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Because that would cut into the doctors' salaries!

Kingwood housing market - 4 years ago

Stop and think about it. If you were a homebuyer would you buy in a community that was flooded a mile away from the river and had a flooded out high school (twice) or would you buy in a neighboring c...

Keep Humble ISD Schools Great: Vote Sitton, Conrad, Cunningham and Dixon - 5 years ago

If you think Humble schools are great you either haven't been in one or lack the ability to recognize greatness. I have always voted Republican and refuse to vote to keep this board!

ObamaCare is Horrible! Get rid of it now - 5 years ago

I think the best thing to do would be to allow anyone to purchase Medicaid. The provider networks are in place, there is nobody making a profit so those of us paying would get a better deal and it wo...

Best and Reasonbly Priced Independent Medical Insurance - 5 years ago

So for over 20,000 a year, what is your deductible????? Obama really screwed the working people over!

Best and Reasonbly Priced Independent Medical Insurance - 5 years ago

That sounds about right, thanks to the idiots who passed Obama's crap. Look for non-Obama compliant policies and hope that Trump eliminates the Obama fee for having insurance he doesn't like.

There are literally hundreds of these stories. This is who you want to be President. - 5 years ago

How can anyone defend failing to pay someone for a completed job? Disgusting.

Kids Shot in Humble Hood - 5 years ago

This was in Aldine. Wasn't the last local drive by in Kingwood?

POLL: Corporal Punishment in schools? Yea or Nay? - 5 years ago

More ADD and ADHD today- I wonder why? Let's see, we feed our kids more processed, chemical filled crap than we did 30 years ago. We used to have P.E. EVERYDAY and a full 30 minute recess. We...

Those Olympic bodies! - 5 years ago

[i]Good point! Is there an age minimum?? [/i] 16 this year. The Chinese have been known to cheat in the past. I agree with the OP- you know all the girls train hard, but some build a lot of mus...

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