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Best trash SWH

who's talking here?

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Mago4058 --- 5 years ago -

Anyone else have Best Trash Lose their payment made and then charge them for late fees! I HATE best trash can we please have waste management back!!!!! 

RedMulch --- 5 years ago -

I have had checks go astray to best trash. They have always called and I have paid them via credit card and now they are on auto pay of some sort. The always removed the the late fees.

One lady (at Best Trash) told me she expected a big bag of mail to show up from Kingwood one

So if you write checks, this could be your problem.

If you bank with Chase, and pay them via debit, then it could explain why. Chase is so anal they cancel your debit card what seems like every three months and issue a new one just to be safe.

Good stuff to be said for this, but it sucks for auto-debits. 

Mago4058 --- 5 years ago -

This is the second time they've lost my payment and charged me a fee. I call each time and they're rude about it and won't take the fee off. When do the contracts for garbage come to the board I would love to be there. This is a small mountain of the issues we have with best trash! Lol 

FANCY PANTS --- 5 years ago -

When do the contracts for garbage come to the board I would love to be there.

You need to go to the HOA meeting or call your management company. 

~Jarina~ --- 5 years ago -

I love Best Trash - they'll pick up just about anything, unlike Waste Management. Plus, they include recycling, again, unlike Waste Management. I always hated taking the recycling to the P&R lot and sorting every single thing. I've never had a problem with Best Trash losing my payments, but I do not mail them from home. I always take them to a blue mail box by either by Jason's Deli or at the post office. 

Butterbean --- 5 years ago -

Same here. Good company.

No mix and match for recycle. No problem with payments. 

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