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CVS Pharmacy at the front of KW Dr.

who's talking here?

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Photomomof2 --- 6 years ago -

I have to say I LOVE CVS pharmacy (at the front of Kingwood Dr.)! Everyone who works there is so nice. My scripts are called in and within 10min they are filled and ready for pickup. They are so helpful if there is an ins. issue. I have tried HEB, Walgreens (2 different locations) and have never had the service CVS gives. Just wanted to share! 

TinktheSprite --- 6 years ago -

So glad to hear they have improved. There was a time when the pharmacy was not so attentive. 

Photomomof2 --- 6 years ago -

I have been there for 2 years and not one issue. Alwaye helpful. My husband asks why I drive all the way over there with Walgreens right here on NP. So he had one of his scripts filled at walgreens, 4 hour wait and finally ready, which indeed it wasn't so another 15 min wait in store. . Now he understands. 

Mago4058 --- 6 years ago -

That makes one person, I haven't been back in a few years after they were rude , didn't listen to me and wasted my time. Glad you had a good experience 

Just stuck --- 6 years ago -

ditto what Mago 4058 said. There was a girl in the mornings who was the worst. Wouldn't answer you if you asked a question, just kept doing what she was doing while waiting on you. Horrible. I have no problem with Walgreens on NP. 

Photomomof2 --- 6 years ago -

Eeeeks! Crazy! Well that stinks. 

Malevolent Witches Club --- 6 years ago -

i looooove cvs mucho

i wont go anywhere else to get my percocet refilled 

Photomomof2 --- 6 years ago -


Btdt --- 6 years ago -

Good to hear it's improving. We stopped going there due to a string of bad experiences there. 

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