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What on earth has happened with LAKE HOUSTON YMCA????

who's talking here?

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BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

I have been a member of this gym for over 10 years. This used to be an amazing place to come but it simply seems to be falling apart at the seams. My dues keep going up and up and up, yet the class schedule gets smaller and smaller. I went to spin tonight and found out that the best instructor I have ever been taught by had walked due to poor management!!! Matthew Webb is not the only one that has left. The instructor tonight was fair to be honest. The quality of instructors keeps plummeting and I will NOT be paying for this membership much longer if something isn't done. I have emailed Jenna Dhyer the Director and that new little girl they have working there without anything happening, Am I the only one that feels this way?? What happened to the old YMCA?????? 

snowprincess --- 6 years ago -

I had a membership, but last fall I decided to try and save the $1200 a year we were spending on a family membership. I got tired of driving there, fighting for a place to park, walking the kids into child care, and then facing a nasty smell when I walked in and having to clean equipment before every use. I have been working out outside, walking, biking, running around with the kids, and slowly buying my own equipment. I have invested far less than I was paying for the Y (or any gym I had before that) and feel like I am in better shape and have more time. Just from the time I left the house to when I actually started working out was 20 minutes. So 40 minutes of wasted time for each workout???????? So much happier now. 

BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

I didn't even think how much I am spending a year. Good God, that sounds so much worse when you say it that way!! I come to the YMCA for the wonderful instructors though. A lot of the instructors (such as Matt Webb/spin) are not ones you would typically see at a YMCA but at a top dollar gym. Now I guess I won't be seeing them here either. The spirit just seems dead here and it is rubbing off on the members. It just makes me sad... 

snowprincess --- 6 years ago -

I did a complete overhaul of the family budget last year. When I totaled up how much we were spending annually on things it resulted in lots of changes. 

Mago4058 --- 6 years ago -

Thought it was just me, their sports program has been such a hassle we won't be back next year! 

snowprincess --- 6 years ago -

I saw a decline in the sports program several years ago, we haven't participated in a while, but I know several people who have had extreme problems this season. 

Zapper009 --- 6 years ago -

They were not getting the desired value from their FitLinxx system, so they dumped it a couple of months ago - vendor had crapped out by not performing requested maintenance... 

BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

I do know that management is a huge problem. Jenna Shyer is extremely condescending to members and the newest girl seems lost. Like she should be at a sleepover. An organization is weak if magament is and they are. 

a2645039uu --- 6 years ago -

I was a member a couple of years ago mainly for the pool.

The pool was supposed to open at 0500. YMCA rules said no one could get in the pool unless two lifeguards were present. The lifeguards were always late. first 5 minutes. then 10 minutes. everyone had to wait until them blew their whistle before they could jump in.

one day, they were 30 minutes late. that was the last day I went to the Y.

I called the manager and told her if the lifeguards are always late, the should be fired. she claimed she didn't know. I then told her if she didn't know, SHE should be fired. and fire her I did.

been with lifetime fitness ever since. the pool opens at 0430. No lifeguards needed. and as a bonus, I pay less at LT. 

BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

This is just so sad. There are so many wonderful people that work there. The fitness staff has been so helpful and one of the trainers even helped me come up with a workout program I could do on my own for no charge. There are instructors that have been there for over 20 years!! And then they lost Cindy and Joe who taught Zumba forever. I never have done Zumba but they had a HUGE following!!! I know that they are not treated well and we as members aren't either. I just wonder how long it is going to be before they finally get somebody in there that knows how to run this YMCA. They certainly are in desperate need right now. 

Sepp --- 6 years ago -

So glad that people are finally speaking up about the cluster fornication the YMCA has turned into.
The membership rates continue to skyrocket. And the cost of personal training rises every year. Meanwhile, classes are cut for lack of funding. They're charging more for less services.

So with all the cost increases the employees must be getting some pretty nice raises, right? Not so. Many haven't had a raise in over five years. Closer to ten for some.

Hopefully someone will tell the real story of why a former manager was asked to leave. It's like House of Cards in the upper ranks and they'd better hope it's not all exposed. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

Matt's spinning class was my favorite. Very disappointed. The other teachers are fine but he was just better, more gradual work up to the kill. Lol

So far I'm satisfied with the Y, I'm a newer member tho so I have nothing to compare it to. 

freebyrdll --- 6 years ago -




freebyrdll --- 6 years ago -




Jpgirl --- 6 years ago -

You are right Freebyrd- she does rock. Just had a conversation with your hubby- ask him about it. I gave him an insiders story. It's the Y this week but trust me this is very common in every club. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

Fab, who's the lady with you? 

freebyrdll --- 6 years ago -

My late mom's sister who turned 90 last week in MN!! I love her SOOOO much! Hope I got her genes! 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

You prolly did! 

BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

I had heard rumors about the management there but tend to dismiss them unless they are proven correct. The latest things I have seen prove to me that they are not simply rumors. I will be dropping my membership and will be telling them why. Although it really won't matter to them. My friends son is in sports with them and has emailed the director more than once only to have them ignored. There are other members who have talked to Jenna and she has treated them in a condescending way. They are treating this place like a business in order to make money. If their members are happy they WILL make money. It's a natural byproduct of a happy and healthy place, which LAKE HOUSTON YMCA is NOT. 

voice of reason --- 6 years ago -

They are treating this place like a business in order to make money.

well. it is a business.

nice to know you are trying to harm a local business. 

BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

Voice of reason I understand your point. Maybe I wasn't clear with mine. They do need to make money, even if they are a non profit organization. They WILL make money, and then some, if their members are treated fairly and want to continue paying dues. I have no problem at all paying my dues and helping this business profit if they aren't constantly giving us less for our dollar. It just doesn't make any sense. So let them run it like a business, but treat the people that make it successful, the members and the people that work there (the ones that haven't quit because of how they are being treated) with respect and thoughtfulness and they will drive business there in droves.... 

lizandmike --- 6 years ago -

I have noticed a real decline there as well. We used to love going. The class schedule was full of choices and there were great offerings for kids classes too. The class offerings have definitely been reduced. I feel like they are more geared to an older group. The evening classes are so limited and there are so few choices.
I feel much more like a number than a person there anymore also. So much of the friendliness is gone.
Losing Matt Webb is horrible. I really enjoyed his boot camps. He was definitely an asset to the Y.
My membership was recently up for renewal. The only reason I renewed is so I could continue training with Angie Lynch. She is phenomenal. Hopefully the Y gets it together so she doesn't follow Matt out the door!
With so many other fitness options available, the Y needs to step it way way up or they will continue to lose clients to Lifetime, Gold's, cross fit, embody, and the myriad other fitness groups in the area. 

BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

I actually heard a rumor that Matt Webb may be teaching his spin class at Golds. I am going to see if this is a fact and if so I will be taking my hard earned money over there. I hate to go to a chain gym but nothing can be worse than this gym has become. If anyone knows where Matt is spinning please let us know!! He had a cult following!!!! 

*LOL* --- 6 years ago -

Isn't the YMCA a nonprofit? I am sure they must have a board that would be interested in your concerns. It is an asset to the community and I would hope the directors would be receptive to knowing that there are improvements to be made and that there have been recent changes that are having patrons question renewing their membership there. If you leave without having your voice heard you are doing them a disservice IMO. 

BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

Unfortunately a lot of us have emailed the management and the Association CEO, Paul McIntyre. Nobody has gotten anywhere. Nobody has even received a response. We have called and emailed and talk face-to-face. Members have walked. Trust me, or concerns have been heard but nobody seems to show any concern for us. I have been up there three times before where there was not an instructor for a class. From what I understand, they took a very busy class away and when I went to talk to one of the directors when they took away one of the classes and we were told if we didn't like the schedule they could go to another gym. Unfortunately the only people that seem to give any concern about the members concerns are the instructors and the trainers. The management Ignores all of us. There is no direct way to contact the board and my husband actually heard that one of the board members stepped down because she was disgusted with the Lake Houston director and the two women that she has working for her. 

JakeBob --- 6 years ago -

It doesn't matter one bit if they are a for profit or non profit business, the management and staff are paid to do a job. If they don't like it they should leave other wise they should perform well. Customers have the right to expect value for their dollars. 

BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

They need to start handing out life vests to all of the new YMCA members. It is rapidly sinking. Those of us that have been here for years are exiting stage left before the final curtain..... 

Texashley28 --- 6 years ago -

We became fed up with the gym. So we bought a stair master for the house. Couldn't trust Lifetime Fitness daycare to watch our babies for 45 minutes. Won't ever go to any other gym. They are all crap. Not sure about the staff at YMCA, but all of the good trainers and spin teachers are gone at Lifetime Fitness too. I miss QLS. Miss working there and all my friends who used to work there. I was getting paid $20 an hour (worked there for 9 years) until Lifetime Fitness swooped in. Our $160 a month is going to more important things now :) and we don't have to worry about our babies escaping the daycare and wandering out into the parking lot! We will be getting pool tags in our neighborhood this year. Lifetime Fitness had horrible swim hours for people with a job and children. 

Jpgirl --- 6 years ago -

@ BornWithIt
So far I have not been informed of any class changes at our Gold's on NP. I teach Cycle at that Golds. Perhaps @Park Lake or one of our other facilities? The membership gets you in at all the Golds- but he's not teaching at NP. Now that may change but we instructors are notified of changes to classes/instructors. It would be awesome addition to our cycling team!! And who knows It may happen - and could I know he would have a contact to get him in there!! 

them --- 6 years ago -

We gave up on the Y last year. The place always looks dirty and theft from cars in the parking lot seems like a daily occurrence. 

BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

@jpgirl---- Please keep the rest of us informed if you hear that Matthew Webb starts there. There will be a mass exodus at this YMCA and his following (or cult lol) would follow him over to Golds. He is also a fantastic trainer, but I do know he is doing that at Anytime Fitness now. He needs to start his own fan page!! hehe 

Lisam --- 6 years ago -

I used to do a HIIT class with Matt-he is a great guy. He posted on his facebook that he left the Y....doesn't say where he is teaching now. 

Texashley28 --- 6 years ago -

Would be funny if he taught swim lessons..Matthew Webb was the first to swim the English channel. Tee hee.

My favorite spin instructor (Kristin Cook) moved to Canada a few years ago :( She taught me SO much about cycling. ..The good instructors always end up leaving *sigh* 

BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

Matt Webb, Cindy and Joe, and all of the other great instructors and members wouldn't have left if they were treated with respect. It's easy to leave a place that doesn't care about you. It's easy to quit a gym if they up your dues and give you less for that money. Respect. I wonder if this management feels any embarrassment about the demise of the YMCA... 

Texashley28 --- 6 years ago -

It's easy to leave a place that doesn't care about you.

So true. I Know that feeling and don't blame them. Making $20 an hour at QLS to almost minimum wage, when Lifetime took over, did it for me. I wasn't the only one who was treated that way. Still have clients asking me to come back. I'm making much more now as a Nutritionist. Lifetime tried to hire me back as their Nutritionist, but from the way I was treated, I told them no way. 

freebyrdll --- 6 years ago -

When did you work @ QLS? 

Texashley28 --- 6 years ago -

From 2003-2011 with QLS. Then a year with Lifetime Fitness. Started working there when I was 16. That place sure looks different now. 

QueenMargaret --- 6 years ago -

Haven't been a member at the Y for years but Gold's sucks. Quit about 2 years ago; it is overcrowded, always machines broken and takes forever to fix, and the worse, Moose loads every plate on the machine then walks away for the next user to unload. Employees never walk around the gym to see if anyone needs help. 

Laralee --- 6 years ago -

I left the Y a year ago,,Golds Gym is awesome for the Les Mills Classes amazing instructors. 

BornWithIt --- 6 years ago -

Well Golds is going to get a lot more crowded with members from the YMCA... 

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