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Humble ISD Early Release nonsense

who's talking here?

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Maxx01 --- 5 years ago -

Really, two days of early release this week? I swear the elementary schools have early release every other week. 

a3689716uu --- 5 years ago -

I hate it. It's absurd and not conducive to working families. 

them --- 5 years ago -

Why aren't early releases on Friday afternoons? That wouldn't be near as bad. 

Maxx01 --- 5 years ago -

Because parents would not take their kids to school on Friday and take a three day vacation. 

RW19 --- 5 years ago -

Early release today and tomorrow is for parent teacher conferences. 

lisapisabobisa --- 5 years ago -

What's wrong with a 3 day vacation? 

Maxx01 --- 5 years ago -

I think Humble ISD needs a certain number of kid days for funding. 

whatchamacallit --- 5 years ago -

Maxx01 --- 1 min ago - quote - hide comments
I think Humble ISD needs a certain number of kid days for funding.?


That's the same reason they tell you to send your child to school sick and then they will send them home after 10:00. Because then they still get the taxpayers money for your child for the whole day if they are there until 10.

Who cares if they infect everyone other child there! 

Joe Blow --- 5 years ago -

I agree they should stay in school all day long and learn that God is a Myth of epic proportions. 

dogs --- 5 years ago -

Which school wants you to send their kids to school sick? I'd love to know.

I'll admit that early release days are frustrating as there is little or no instruction those days, however I loved the extra time with my children. I am blessed not to work so I would watch kids of my working friends. Get to know your neighbors, kids' classmates - they can watch your child on Early Release days and then you can watch theirs at a later date for a date night, etc. The years are short - love on your kids and their friends. 

FANCY PANTS --- 5 years ago -

I think Humble ISD needs a certain number of kid days for funding.?

They want to get paid each day for your kid being in school. If they give them a full day off they will only get paid for one day. If they just give them two afternoons off they get paid for two days. 

Mago4058 --- 5 years ago -

These double early releases have been happening since I was in HISD. Except students released at 11 instead of 11:45. 

Leila --- 5 years ago -

I don't mind the early release for parent conferences. It is important to have that face to face contact. Although my nephew's school also has one in the evenings for working parents. I often wonder how some parents are able to attend conferences during the day. In our community it might now be that difficult but in some areas it can cost parents a wage to take off during the day.

But I do question the need for all of the early release for teacher's professional days. My neighbor is a teacher and she tells me that are a lot of nonsense. That is coming from a teacher herself! 

AlphabetSoup --- 5 years ago -

If you took out the early release days the kids could start after Labor Day but state law requires a certain number of school days so we end up with early release.

I think conference times are up to the teacher. Last year our teacher only did them during the day but our teacher this year has conference times both during the day an evening. We really appreciate that she offers evening times. 

kwpeep --- 5 years ago -

I think the elementary has early release 1x/month to make up for the planning time that middle and high school teachers get every week on Thursday mornings - evens it out. 

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