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Puss In Boots

I joined this crazy place on 2010-06-25, 7 years ago.

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Yes, I'm a cat....Kiss my furry buttocks....No more nice kitty!

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KU really is a ghost town these days... - 156 days ago

[i]Puss!! Come back!!! We need your awesome feline perspective!!!![/i] Awww! Thanks SSFG, miss you guys and this place--the way it used to be. Hope you are well!

KU really is a ghost town these days... - 160 days ago

It's the redirects and pop-ups. Plus the 4 or 5 people whose back-and-forth is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Been over at KDC for a change of pace.

Describe him with one word - 202 days ago

[i]et's see. He beat 16 prominent Republicans to secure the nomination. He beat handily in the Electoral College, the anointed Democratic candidate. He's a successful business man. Are those of the st...

Kingwood High School - 209 days ago

Glad to help!

Kingwood High School - 210 days ago

HomeDepartmentsSupporting the Whole Child Through the Storm Support Humble ISD Support Groups for Students, Families, and Staff Affected by Harvey Supporting the Whole Child Through the Storm 3 L...

Things I may never say again - 227 days ago

I finally wiped out those sod web worms

KHS Families - Critical Vote by 6 PM Today - 229 days ago

I don't know for sure. I suspect that if the kids are kept together, they will be allowed to play for their school. Don't think this would be a possibility if TEA dissolves KHS.

Allergy Eyes, anyone? - 229 days ago

THIS. I have a summer cold and my eyes won't stop running. I am SOL-severely allergic to mold. Eyes been burning and running for days. Gonna be a lot of that running around.

KHS Families - Critical Vote by 6 PM Today - 230 days ago

Well, in theory we are voting on two options. TEA could force the administrators to consider a "dissolvement" of KHS for the upcoming school year. That means all students will be sent to different s...

KHS Families - Critical Vote by 6 PM Today - 230 days ago

Please note that voting between Option A and Option B will close today at 6 PM.

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