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KHS Families - Critical Vote by 6 PM Today

who's talking here?

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Puss In Boots 5
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Puss In Boots --- 4 years ago -

You have been sent an email by Humble ISD and a separate letter from Dr. Landry Asking for your input on two options for bussing all students to Summer Creek HS for this upcoming school year.

It is very important that you vote by 3:00 PM on Sunday to voice your opinion. Even then TEA might overrule one of the options.

It appears it is unlikely the school will open for the 17-18 school year. 

Puss In Boots --- 4 years ago -

Channel 2 Story 

Puss In Boots --- 4 years ago -

Please note that voting between Option A and Option B will close today at 6 PM. 

TinktheSprite --- 4 years ago -

It's nice you get to vote on how to handle this. I went to split session for a year during Freshman Year of HS. As kids, we didn't know the difference. Only was happy I got the "Late School" so I could sleep in. As a teen you just go with the flow. Once the routine is set, and as a studen, you know what's expected of you, it goes pretty easy.

I think everything will be okay as long as the Helicopter Moms don't fret and help the kids with what they really need, and that's support. Local schools have a lot to model from. This is not the first time it's happened around the country. Also the entire Elm Grove Elementary were bussed into Humble after an arson fire many years ago. They survived the year to move back into their renovated school with ease. Or what seemed like ease. The kids were happy. 

Puss In Boots --- 4 years ago -

Well, in theory we are voting on two options. TEA could force the administrators to consider a "dissolvement" of KHS for the upcoming school year. That means all students will be sent to different schools throughout the district.

That means, that class sizes would raise up to 40 across the board.

Principals Landry and McDonald have worked out two good plans (well, really, making the best out of a bunch of terrible options) and it would be a shame for that to be yanked away if the TEA got involved. 

TinktheSprite --- 4 years ago -

Yes, I think local officials would know best. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 4 years ago -

It's really sad this had to happen to KHS. It hasn't been that long since they completed remodeling that seemed to go on forever.

It was the first story that flooded but I wonder if it would just be better to build in a less flood prone area. 

The Awe Inspiring JoelleDrees (Mod) --- 4 years ago -

What happens to sports for khs students? I know of some kids who were hopeful for an athletic scholarship. 

Puss In Boots --- 4 years ago -

I don't know for sure. I suspect that if the kids are kept together, they will be allowed to play for their school.

Don't think this would be a possibility if TEA dissolves KHS. 

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