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Furry Christmas present?

who's talking here?

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Puss In Boots --- 8 years ago -

Been yearning for a furry little bundle of joy...just now at the point where we are considering a kitty again.

I have never adopted a cat before and am hesitant to put my faith in a cat shelter due to fears of sickness and unsanitary conditions.

Anyone have a good experience adopting a cat from a local much so that they would recommend one? TIA...

And, um...may the meow be with you!! 

Perfection --- 8 years ago -

ohhhhhhhhhhh how cool. Please post pics of your new bundle of kitty attitude 

Puss In Boots --- 8 years ago -

If French cat Henri were available...I would snatch him up...but we are in the market for a kitteh... 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

may the meow be with you!!

And to you as well! LOL

I adopted my Lynx Point Siamese from BARC. And I have to say, the place was very clean and orderly. They had ROOMS of cats, ROOMS full. It's heartbreaking on so many levels. But each room had a caretaker that was in charge of their feeding and care and they were cat lovers, you could tell...they knew about each cat's personality and quirks. I asked the one I was dealing with, which cat in here would YOU adopt for yourself? And she led me to my Bella...Sugar is what I call her. But, funny story...I had decided I wanted a female and wanted to name her Bella. After I had picked my cat and was checking her out, I saw on their registration info that they had named THIS cat Bella as well, it was so cool, considering they have hundreds of cats...seemed like she was meant to be for me.

Aside from all that sappy stuff, it's very reasonable and they provide shots, worming and spay/neuter for like 60.00. Can't beat it. That place has had issues of various kinds in the past, but my experience was pretty flawless. :) 

Meme2my5 --- 8 years ago -

Pet Smart usually has kittens to be adopted on the weekends. How sweet to give a kitty a new home. 

Puss In Boots --- 8 years ago -

Bella was one lucky cat SSFG...when she ran into YOU!! And of course it was meant to be....

I hear all sorts of wonderful stories about how owners were actually adopted by their pets. ;)

I have been to the Atascocita pet store and usually see the beautiful kitties there...but for some reason, they seem to be unhealthy. Could be a bias on my part, but some seem to have eye issues. Hmmmm, may have to try BARC. Any place else? 

freebyrdII --- 8 years ago -

Atascocita pet store with kittens??? 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

I have been to the Atascocita pet store and usually see the beautiful kitties there...but for some reason, they seem to be unhealthy

Yeah sometimes they are exposed to a lot of stuff when they are really young. It's not uncommon to get one that has runny eyes or a cold. DD got one that has issues with diarhhea off and on.

A good check up with the doc first thing is a good idea. 

Puss In Boots --- 8 years ago -

Petco I believe....freebyrd.

SSFG, yes last cat we had experienced a lot of eye and nose issues...blocked tear ducts that we tried to open up with treatment but no luck 

Puss In Boots --- 8 years ago -

My last kitty died in my arms...had to put her down due to advanced cancer.

STILL brings me to tears every time I remember that. How I miss that little cat. 

freebyrdII --- 8 years ago -

Aww... So sorry PIB, that is a heartbreak like no other. A kitty will be lucky to find a forever home with you! 

Winning --- 8 years ago -

Dogs rule!


RedMulch --- 8 years ago -

Got my first cat from the animal shelter on Washington. Christmas time...9 years ago. He will be 10 in May. No health problems whatsoever. Has developed a serious attitude of entitlement, however. lol

next cat from a coworker, born under her house and his mama's name was Ugly.

Third cat from another coworker who rescued three kittens abandoned in a box in the median of a busy road. 

scipsekatattes --- 8 years ago -

All of my cats have been rescues but two, back when I was stupid and thought I had to have a "pure breed" Persian Blue long hair....and then got him a mate so I could breed them (which I never ended up doing "thank God"!)....but they were smokey blue and beautiful, BUT I wasn't even aware back then of all the desperate need for adoptions....just had never thought of it. After I became aware though I have not done that again. There is nothing better then giving a homeless pet a new family!!!! Think of what you do when you do give life where there would have otherwise been no future for the innocent healthy loving animal!!!!

Good what you are doing PIB!....thanks for contributing to reducing the amount of unwanted pets and I know you will find the PERFECT baby for you that will be forever grateful to have such a wonderful owner.

Just follow your heart when you get there. 

Puss In Boots --- 8 years ago -

Dogs rule!



Puss In Boots --- 8 years ago -

I know you will find the PERFECT baby for you that will be forever grateful to have such a wonderful owner.

Just follow your heart when you get there.

Thank you! I certainly hope to find a furry bundle of joy. And our family will love it to death!! Going to put a litter scoop wrapped up as a present under the tree and will start our search for a pet in earnest after Christmas.

Any other shelter recommendations? 

Puss In Boots --- 8 years ago -


snowprincess --- 8 years ago -

Montgomery county animal shelter. 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 8 years ago -

Some of y'all know about my mom's sudden passing. She had a kitten that's almost a year old now and needs a home. He is black and white. I wish I wanted a cat but I just am not into cats and want him to find a good home. 

Puss In Boots --- 8 years ago -

Smoochie....yes, so very sorry about your mom. :(

And I'm sure the kitten is lovely! It's just that I would like my kids to have the chance to bond with a kitten--as I did when growing up.

Good luck to you in finding a home for your furry little one...if I were in the market for a teenage kitty, I would be checking yours out. Thanks anyway. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 8 years ago -

awww.. you're such a sweetheart, Puss!! I have one cat left, and he's a sweetheart!! I rescued him from that horrible pet shop, "Zoo" something..he was crammed in a little cage with small kittens, and at 5 months old, he was way bigger, and could hardly move around!!! I took him to the vet immediately- in the same strip center-) and of course,they hadn't done a thing to take care of him.. he's an orange tabby, and the best personality I've ever seen in a cat! 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 8 years ago -

Np puss just putting the info put there in case another reader is looking. I like cats just don't want another as a pet. 

RedMulch --- 8 years ago -

The one on Washington (at I-10 i think) was imaculate. Very clean and well taken care of. They let you visit with any cat you want to see if you click.

Of course, that was 9 years ago...... 

AudreyO --- 8 years ago -

You might also consider cat rescues? There are a lot of them that keep their cats and even kittens in foster homes and make sure they're in good health and up to date in shots before adopting out.

Good Luck and congrats in advance on your newest family member. :) 

ghostpost --- 8 years ago -

Our cat was a stray that found us when she was about 6 months old. We tried very hard to find her owners because we were not cat people and travel a great deal so we were not in the market for a pet at all. But she was persistent and won us over. Very smart kitty who now has a very pampered life..including a house sitter that makes sure she is not lonely when we are on a trip (like we are now).

Anyway, the vet that was recommended to me when I needed to get her fixed and for all of her care since then is Animal Care of Lake Houston in Huffman , just over the bridge on 1960.

They have a special little kitten area in their reception where they always seem to have kittens for adoption. You would be reassured that they had very good care and are well socialized. . 

mom2dx --- 8 years ago -

Check out Friends For Life in the Heights. Love the organization and they just got a beautiful, brand new building over the summer. 

Puss In Boots --- 8 years ago -

Awesome! Thanks so much for the suggestions everyone....we will be searching hard for Puss in Boots Jr.!!!! 

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