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KEURIG Coffee Maker????

who's talking here?

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scipsekatattes --- 8 years ago -

Do any of you own one and what are your experiences with it....AND which model do you have?

I want one so bad and DH said we can go to Sams to get one for me for Christmas, BUT I have been reading the reviews on the one Sams carries and they are about 50/50 bad and GREAT.....many say they don't last long, and other say they have had theirs for years and would never go back to a regular coffee maker!

Any experiences or guidance here?....TIA! 

doglady --- 8 years ago -

I got one for T last year for Christmas. He loves it! I bought it online and don't remember the model. But it is a Keurig, and he loves it. If you only drink 1-2 cups, which is perfect for him, being a college kid, it's great! It has worked great for him. 

scipsekatattes --- 8 years ago -

Thanks DL!....ok then...that helps. 

doglady --- 8 years ago -

You're welcome! Forgot to add...I have had a cup here and there at others' homes, and was very good. Plus you can get different flavors, and not drink the same one every day. I would love one, but don't want 2 coffee makers out all the time. And don't have space to store it:( 

Celebrity --- 8 years ago -

I got one at Sams like 3 years ago and it works like a champ! 

LAXmom --- 8 years ago -

We've had ours for 2 years and really like it. I got one for my mom for x-mas online from Kohls. It was on-sale plus I used one of their 40% coupons I get through email. Saved money and she got her Keurig. 

Ezekiel 23 20 --- 8 years ago -

If you drink a cup or two a day, do it. If you drink a pot a day, don't, otherwise you'll spend an extra $1,800 a year on coffee. 

April --- 8 years ago -

We got ours from Sams and my DH LOVED it..... until 13 months later it died. I forget exactly what it was but it was not fixable. He was very sad but now won't get another because of so many he knows of that had same experience. I think everything is disposable now days, even appliances :( 

LAXmom --- 8 years ago -

If you drink a cup or two a day, do it. If you drink a pot a day, don't, otherwise you'll spend an extra $1,800 a year on coffee very true - I'm a two cup a day coffee drinker -but I also buy the keurig k-cups by the box at Sams or Costco - way cheaper than the grocery stores. 

mom2dx --- 8 years ago -

We've had a Keurig for about ten years and love it. We have the Platinum model now and have had it about five or six years. 

Tejas mom --- 8 years ago -

I have the platinum brewer. Our first one died after 2 years but the company replaced it for free. If you order your coffee from them directly it is much cheaper as well. We make 1-2 cups a day. 

mamamiaow --- 8 years ago -

ds got me the mini plus last christmas and i love it! we use both the k-cups (there are lots of coupons on them) and the insert that we bought at target (not the keurig insert) to use with regular coffee. it is the only coffee maker that gets the coffee hot enough for dh! 

Pacmax --- 8 years ago -

We have had outs for a year. Love it, but it has started acting wierd, when the water comes out its spilling out and around the holder ... 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

it is the only coffee maker that gets the coffee hot enough for dh!

this is why my husband also loves theirs. We have had it 2 years now and he loves it. Drinks alot of coffee too. Got tired of microwaving after brewing. we sometimes get a code of primer but if you unplug the machine let is sit a minute and plug back up its perfect. Also ALWAYS use filtered water in the machines do not put tap water in.. our water here will mess it up faster 

AudreyO --- 8 years ago -

I used to have a Tassimo and then had Keurig way back when. I loved them both but then I gae them away and switched to a regular coffee maker. I drink so much coffee that I found it was a huge waste of money for me. Good luck on your purchase! 

scipsekatattes --- 8 years ago -

Well thanks for SO many tips and pieces of advice! We went ahead and purchased one tonight at Sam's and are just now opening it to try it in the morning. DH is looking at the box as I type this talking about it.

I'll post in the morning what I think about it. 

TexasOma --- 8 years ago -

I have a Keurig and hubby loves it. I sorta like it because I'm so frugal that IMO I can make a pot of coffee for cheaper. But he wanted one so he could have a hot cup of coffee on the way to work. I've learned to like it though.

I bought the adapter that lets me use my own coffee so I can grind beans when I'm in the mood for GOOD coffee.

You do have to use filtered water and you must change the filter every 2-3 months. Also, you must run vinegar through it - I do it when I change the filter. Really not much more trouble than when I had the Mr. Coffee.

While you are Sam's buy their large quantity of coffee K-cups--- cheapest price around. 

Jen --- 8 years ago -

I find krogers always has good sales prices on their coffee! 

AFWife --- 8 years ago -

I have the mini (the one that you pour your water in each time). I only average 1 cup a day (sometimes 2 but not often) so I don't mind the expense & try to get my favs on sale/use coupons. Tried using reusable k-cup & it's just too messy.

That mini takes under 2 minutes to brew & is good for me since I have a very tiny kitchen. 

scipsekatattes --- 8 years ago -

I drink decaf though...any tips on where to buy decaf cheap? 

mom2dx --- 8 years ago -

Do you get the Kohl's coupons that come in the mail every few weeks for "$10 off any $10+ purchase"? Kcups are usually on sale at the same time one comes in the mail so you can get a box for $3.99. 

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