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I joined this crazy place on 2008-02-13, 10 years ago.

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married for 43 years, mother of 4, grandma of four, love to cook, crochet, read , watch tv, sew, and take care of kitties.

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New HEB and salad bar - 1 years ago

No Cafe on the Run, either!

Shocking water bill - 1 years ago

My son lives in Sherwood Trails and his water bill was higher, it showed higher usage. Turns out, there was a leak in the meter area. But several of his neighbors were also complaining of much higher ...

Credit Card Info Taken in Kingwood? - 3 years ago

A friend told us of a similar incident, the place where the info was stolen is believed to be a gas station store.(She had a friend who was also hacked, this store was the common thread).

Speeding rant - 3 years ago

Some folks forget the Thursday late arrival at area schools-I was nearly run over going down WLH past Creekwood last Thursday! Big truck speeding, vs. my little car (going 20 mph as per the flashing l...

My Neighbors Yard Crew? - 3 years ago

For noise! I have a night shift worker in my house who would have just gone to bed at 6:30. I realize that everyone can't be quiet, but until 8 AM I thought there was an HOA noise rule.

WLH Wreck? - 3 years ago

DS is stuck on the bridge headed to Kingwood-is there a wreck somewhere on WLH?

Anybody hear of Vivint in Kingwood? - 3 years ago

A salesperson came to our door last week-clearly marked NO SOLICITING, and tried to tell my son he was NOT soliciting! Son told him he was on private property and had better get moving, which he did!

Any opinions on Gel mats for use in the kitchen? - 3 years ago

I'm a grandmother and have bad knees and a problem walking. I was at someone's house last week that had 2 of the nicest plushest mats ever, but I kept tripping over them. Maybe once you get used to th...

Advice needed: looking for HUD/low come housing for relative on Medicaid and disability - 3 years ago

If she's a senior-the Kingwood Senior Village has apartments, but they are for independent living only.

NAME CHANGE: *kittylover* is now *mamamiaow* - 3 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change

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