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I joined this crazy place on 2008-02-13, 6 years ago.

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married for 39 years, mother of 4, grandma of three, love to cook, crochet, read , watch tv, sew, and take care of kitties, one of whom is a diabetic

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My daughter almost got hit by a car tonight - 17 days ago

Some fool tore past me on Woodland Hills heading north yesterday afternoon, weaving around all of us who were doing 20 in the SCHOOL ZONE!! He missed the HPD car way ahead of us, though, it was too ...

Dyson - 20 days ago

Agree on the Dyson upright for wood floors. It doesn't pick up anything well, and can't get in corners. The attachments are so hard to use. Can you tell I was raised on a canister (Electrolux)? The Dy...

Number of pets allowed? - 20 days ago

I was wondering b/c someone in my neighborhood had 3 dogs they were not properly caring for, and we heard different barking, now they have 4 dogs that they don't care for!

Number of pets allowed? - 21 days ago

Is there a limit to the number of dogs and/or cats that one home can have? I thought I saw a limit by the COH, but a friend says the HOA rules may be different. I can't remember where I saw the info t...

Is a Keurig worth it? - 33 days ago

DS gave me the mini Keurig a few yrs ago as a gift-we love it!! I also bought the newer model that has the reservoir for water on the side. DH and I usually only drink 1 cup a day in the AM, but I use...

Wildly different customer service at the three Walgreens in K'wood - 33 days ago

AS a former employee, I agree with nickernic, you'd better say just what you're told to say. Even in the drive thru, you never know when there's a spy. Plus, even if you're my next door neighbor, I ha...

Handicapped Parking - 36 days ago

When I could walk, I'd park way out so my car would hopefully not get dinged. But now, I am handicapped and every step is pain. If there is not a close up spot (often at HEB), I do not shop there that...

Anyone see or know of a good Pulmonologist in the area? - 53 days ago

A nurse friend highly recommends Dr Kesavan.

Someone broke in my car....anyone else? - 64 days ago

One of the Kdg moms at Greentree said her car and some neighbor's cars were broken into, I'm not sure where she lives.

Did my shopping at Kroger today - 95 days ago

Walmart should have a separate check out line for those using other stores' sale prices. We've waited over 30 min for all the arguments over sizes, etc, then came a whole mess over the several methods...

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