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barking dogs

who's talking here?

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dawnstang --- 10 years ago -

I don't understand why people have pets and just leave them BARKING in the backyard. What makes this even worse the the people are home and we the neighbors have to listen to this everyday. I have had my fill of it.... The people live on Mt.Peak way in Mills Branch. According to the community association barking dogs are a violation and it also is in the city of Houston. Enough is enough, Be responsible pet owners 

SuperFantastic --- 10 years ago -

Call the cops, I know someone who had the cops called multiple times for a barking dog 

AngieKaye --- 10 years ago -

just be careful, people that dont care enough to bring them in usually are the type to take thier anger out on the animal 

Gonefurgud --- 10 years ago -

Michael Berry was talking about this today. 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 10 years ago -

A dog barking occasionally, like when an unfamiliar car pulls up, can be a great crime deterrent.

A dog barking incessantly is a nuisance.

Does this happen all the time? Like for hours on end? 

SparkleShine --- 10 years ago -

Poor doggies! They just want love! I have DS Husky visiting and the chi monster is thrilled! I miss my critters when they're not under my feet. THE outdoors is a daily treat not a cell block. :(

The HUSKY is shedding though! UGH!!! Anyone need mittens? 

dawnstang --- 10 years ago -

They bark all the time. I get home at 4 and at 8:30 they were still barking. If I'm off during the week it is all day long. I don't blame the dogs. I blame the owners. The dogs just want attention. But after battling cancer and not being able to sleep in my master for a year because of these barking dogs and feeling to sick to fight it I'm tired of it. 

Peggy --- 10 years ago -

Have you tried talking to the owners? I had a similar problem at former residence and finally got the nerve to go over and talk to them--they had no idea there was a problem but quickly took care of it--I kept wondering why it took me so long. If that doesn't work, I would definately call someone for assistance--sounds like you have put up with it way too long. 

CitizenOnPatrol --- 10 years ago -

What kind of dog is it? It seems like some types of dogs bark more than others. Some of the small dogs pack a punch in their voice box too.

Also; some people have a dog door so their dogs can go in and out, and sometimes when they go out they bark. I have a hard time believing a dog is barking for hours on end with no reprieve though.

Thinking about it... do you know any good ways to keep a dog from barking when you let it outside? I wouldn't want to bother anyone too much, but I also know dogs are going to bark some. 

doglady --- 10 years ago -

As an owner of multiple dogs, I am very sensitive to this! We have a doggie door, and if I am not home, I would want to know if mine were constantly barking! I know all of my neighbors and they would tell me. I DO NOT ALLOW them to bark continuously! I have heard barking from 6 doors down, behind me, continuously at times. If I were next door to these people, I would talk to them. If a dog is left outside ALL THE TIME, it probably needs some attention! I will catch he!! for this, but IMO, dogs are a part of my family, and treated as such. When I am not home, I think they sleep most of the time, otherwise I would have heard about it.
I do not like continuous barking, and will not allow it from my dogs! It is terribly annoying!
If it is bothering you, I would certainly say something to the owners! They may not know, or simply tune it out, although I don't see how:(.
If they don't do anything about it, I would call the authorities of some sort.

AngieKaye --- 10 years ago -

I agree its annoying. Mine get in trouble when they decide to bark for no reason. There is several people down cascade creek in elm grove that allow them to bark all day long. People need to be considerate to others and keep their pups entertained and loved 

Photomomof2 --- 10 years ago -

We have the same problem behind us. The dog will bark and bark. Literally I write down the times b/c we called the police twice. From about 10pm till 6am the dog barked. Nonstop. I have no idea how the dog had a bark left. It's not as bad now. But still very bothersome when we are trying to sleep. 

dadof4 --- 10 years ago -

We adopted a lab recently and keep him inside with us most of the time. He is SO people needy that he will bark every time we put him out alone. I feel bad for our neighbors but there is not much we can do. 

doglady --- 10 years ago -

Dadof4, why don't you let him in the house? It's not fair to your neighbors. 

FANCY PANTS --- 10 years ago -

Dadof4, why don't you let him in the house? It's not fair to your neighbors.

He said they keep the dog inside most of the time. Dogs do have to go out for potty breaks. And sometimes it is not possible for the owner to go out with them. I truely deleive it is unhealthy for dogs to be inside too much. I think it can make them mental. 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 10 years ago -

It's nit abusive to let your dog out for a little while lol.

even people should be outside at least an hour a day.

Dogs need the fresh air, sunshine, and be able to run freely around for the exercise.

They also need a balance and should be inside most of the time if that's what makes the dog happy 

doglady --- 10 years ago -

I'm not saying they shouldn't be out at all. They need exercise, and of course potty breaks. I'm saying if you leave the dog out for long periods of time, and they bark all that time, it is extremely inconsiderate! 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 10 years ago -

That's true doglady, I agree it's rude to let the barking be continuous for hours in end! 

blueherron4 --- 10 years ago -

We have 4 small dogs and they love to be outside.When it is real cold we keep them in also when it gets hot we keep them in. But for the last few days they are loving it.If we bring them in they set by the window and cry to go back out.If they start barking we always check to see what is going on. 

doglady --- 10 years ago -

I think some are misunderstanding what I said. Let me be clear...if your dog wants to be outside-great! They need to be outside for exercise and potty. What I am trying to say is.....if your dog is outside and barking continually, IT IS RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE!!! NEVER SAID THEY SHOULDN'T EVER BE OUTSIDE!!! Sheesh!!! 

SuperFantastic --- 10 years ago -

Just call the cops 

Smoochie and The Bean --- 10 years ago -

The puppy said "bark! bark!" this afternoon and I flew out the door "No puppy nooooooo they're gunna call the 5-0!!" bwahaha, turns out is was the back neighbors little dogs barking at my puppy. 

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