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Fish Place in Kingwood, Like being in New Orleans NOT!!

who's talking here?

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HeavenMadeProducts --- 7 years ago -

My daughter and I ate at the fish place today and were soooo very disappointed. I am from New Orleans and they need to apologize for claiming their food is like the food in New Orleans, not even close.

We had the #1: piece of fish, three shrimps, one side and a slice of french bread.

I had the Jambalaya as my side and it was soooo salty i had to return it and asked for the Red Beans and Rice, terrible, nothing but Beans, water and salt, no sausage, pork or andoullie flavor, just plain, yuk. The fish was good but not fried like Louisiana fried fish, but I would eat it again, the shrimp were the worst, over seasoned, fried for about 5 minutes instead of 2, they were the flat frozen kind with the little tail sticking up for a handle, my daughter who loves shrimp could not eat them, to hard and too salty.

The french fries were edible, the french toast was like a large crouton, mine was not toasted, my daughters was very browned. The water and lemon was pretty good.

If I had the funds I'd open up a Cajun Restaurant and give Kingwood a great Cajun place to eat.

I won't be going back to the Fish Place any time soon, they need help. 

freebyrdII --- 7 years ago -

Have you tried Zachary's up front on KW dr? 

Mommyof4kids --- 7 years ago -

We are also from NOLA, Kenner to be exact. I agree that the food is so not New Orleans! I have learned my lesson and try not to eat at "Cajun" restaurants outside of NOLA because imam always disappointed. :( 

Defcon1 --- 7 years ago -

I go for the blackened tilapia or redfish all the time. Damned good every time I've been. 

Jpgirl --- 7 years ago -

Don't eat fried food so not a problem- blacken and grill only fresh fish at my house - sooo not a problem 

RedMulch --- 7 years ago -

I don't like Zachary's food..........i like the Fish Place stuff........but the again.......i am not NOLA folk........I'm NC bbq folk....... 

Figgy --- 7 years ago -

I'm from Louisiana and have not been there yet, but I have been to the other Cajun restaurant and didn't think it was very good either. While I wasn't expecting their beignets to taste like the ones at Cafe Du Monde, I was very disappointed that they were closer to a sopapilla. 

Photomomof2 --- 7 years ago -

My husband went last Saturday night with our boys. He wasn impresse at all. Plus he said no one was there and they waited about 25-30 min for food. 

Meme2my5 --- 7 years ago -

Cafe Du Monde,

I love that place!!! New Orleans food is the best. Loved living there. 

Ashley87 --- 7 years ago -

My Husband is from Slidell Louisiana .. and he says the same thing about cajun food here .. He took me to New Orleans for some real cajun food and there really is a difference 

Portland55555 --- 7 years ago -

Oh yes, Meme, the food there is OUTRAGEOUSLY DELISH!!
It's hard to waddle out of that city without packing on a whole load of tantalizingly acquired pounds. 

Loki --- 7 years ago -

I haven't been to Nola in a decade. I need to go back. Good times. 

Ashley87 --- 7 years ago -

I think I make better fish than The Fish Place. I'm gonna make some Tilapia with spanish rice and lime juice on top tomorrow mmmm 

Mommyof4kids --- 7 years ago -

Lookjng for New Orleans God beignets?? Tipico Cafe in humble has the best ones I have had here in Texas! Must try them!! The owners are from NOLA so they know what they are doing :) 

Mommyof4kids --- 7 years ago -

I meant good beignets! Lol! 

Portland55555 --- 7 years ago -

You were right---heavenly inspired beignets! 

Lets Be Fair --- 7 years ago -

I think most of us would have a variety of opinions on what we consider good food at a restaurant. For that reason, I think it is unfair to bash a restaurant on a message board. 

HeavenMadeProducts --- 7 years ago -

I think most of us would have a variety of opinions on what we consider good food at a restaurant. For that reason, I think it is unfair to bash a restaurant on a message board.

My 4 year old shrimp loving little girl would not eat the shrimp, not bashing it is a fact, over cook, out of the box frozen shrimp, over seasoned. Jambalaya was very salty and mushy, louisiana people don't cook mushy rice, we're like the Chinese, rice is life.
Also the restaurant claims to have the taste of New Orleans without having to travel there, so they put themselves under judgement. They can fool people who have never been to New Orleans or other cities in Louisiana but they can't fool those who have lived there or even visited for a short while.

There are many Cajuns in Kingwood, probably enough to keep them busy, but not what I had today, couldn't even please a 4 year old that doesn't know the difference in food and new orleans food, I left New Orleans in 89 to come to texas. I could spend one day with the Chef and help them improve their food by 200% and people would love it. 

Figgy --- 7 years ago -

Thanks Mommyof4, I will have to try them. My mom used to make them for us using Pioneer Mix, and they were really yummy.

We went to Hawaii a few years ago, and everyone kept telling us we had to drive to this shop and get some malasadas. I walked in, and it smelled just like beignets. Guess what? They tasted the same too! 

Figgy --- 7 years ago -

When we lived in Alaska, I had to take an ice chest full of stuffed chicken, pork chops, and boudin back when I came home for a visit. I also had to load a suitcase with Community Dark Roast. There were a lot of Cajuns working up their, and the only place that had the coffee at the time was a restaurant that sold it for $10 a pound. 

Lets Be Fair --- 7 years ago -

Figgy, did you ever eat at the Moose's Tooth in Alaska? 

Figgy --- 7 years ago -

Yes! They had great pizza! I'm really getting hungry. 

Figgy --- 7 years ago -

In fact, that was the first time I ever had basil on pizza and I think I fell in love. 

Lets Be Fair --- 7 years ago -

Yes, delicious pizza! 

Figgy --- 7 years ago -

I miss Romano's too. They had the best cannelloni. Oh, and the lady with the South American food at the Saturday Market! :( 

Figgy --- 7 years ago -

And fireweed and honey ice cream....I better stop now because I'm getting kind of sad. I may have to make my husband see if there are any slope positions open! 

Pakratt --- 7 years ago -

I went to Fish Place also. That place was so hot must have been 85 degrees. I ordered Ice Tea with my meal. I filled my glass while waiting for my food . Took a sip and liked to have gagged. It smelled like sewage. I told them about it but they shrugged it off. There was no more music playing so i just sit there and stared at the dirty floor until my food arrived. Its not Cajun anymore at all. When leaving I overheard something about a new Owner. I asked one of the staff while walking out and they told me Marcus sold out. I wont be back it sucked.If they last 6 months it will surprise me. 

Polly Ester --- 7 years ago -

So, someone told me that Cedar landing has added a new Cajun menu to their regular stuff. has anyone tried it? 

TexasOma --- 7 years ago -

When leaving I overheard something about a new Owner. I asked one of the staff while walking out and they told me Marcus sold out.

If I remember correctly, Marcus posted something about his buying and immediately selling some other restaurants back when he started this one.....maybe about a year ago. Guess he's a restaurant flipper (like a house flipper). Gets in, gets his money then gets out while the getting is good.

I tried the Fish restaurant over in Atascocita a few weeks ago - it's not good either. Overcooked think strips of fish....don't know it it was catfish or talipia, but it was definitely overcooked. The sides were not that great either.

Guess I need to go to Sudies down on the Gulf Freeway or Vernon's Kountry Katfish on 105. Too lazy to cook my own right now. Hubby caught some yesterday & fileted them & put them in the freezer. When the grandkids come up next, we'll have a fish fry with our accumulated fish. Also have some shrimp in the freezer - will make a pot of gumbo.

I'm not Cajun, but I sure love some gooooooood Cajun food.

For those of you looking for a good Cajun restaurant, the original Ragin' Cajun over on Richmond is the best I've found. There is a Amos (think that's the name) from Lake Charles that is down in Clear Lake - it's OK but I still love Ragin' Cajun the best. 

tinman --- 7 years ago -

Best Cajun Food Ever?

Steamboat Bill's in Lake Chuck.

Hands down and no b.s. 

freebyrdII --- 7 years ago -

Avoid the west side staircase exit.... BWAHAHAHAHA !!!!! 

TexasOma --- 7 years ago -

Thanks tinman --- when I feel like driving for food (we use to do that frequently) I'll head that way. 

Warren Peace --- 7 years ago -

I ate at Fish Place for the first time tonight. I couldn't agree more with the OP.

I ordered the blackened redfish which supposedly comes with a side of jambalaya. I was NOT served blackened fish of any kind, despite glancing at my receipt to verify that I did indeed order it and paid for it. A blackened fish needs a thick spice rub on both sides of the filet. It's then supposed to be cooked on a cast iron surface at very high heat with a pat of butter to help with the crusting. The spice rub helps with the crusting. There was no crusting on this dish - only dusting. It was the wettest, blandest "blackened" fish I have ever had. It might have been lightly grilled, but it most certainly was not blackened. I was embarrassed for them.

The jambalaya must have come out of a box. It really seemed no different than that yellow rice you get as a side at nearly every Mexican restaurant. It was NOT jambalaya. It was just rice. Jambalaya features green peppers, onions, sometimes tomatoes, chicken, pork, and andouille sausage (a spicy ham). This was just rice. Maybe there were a couple of minuscule bits of some kind of meat product...maybe I saw evidence of a reconstituted tomato scrap or two, but it was 99.999% rice.

Mrs Peace did enjoy her fried fish, but she likes bland food. When I tasted it, I thought I just overpaid for Long John Silver's. Her dish came with green beans on the side. They were whole beans (nice touch), but they were mushy like they had been over cooked. They were also the blandest, most boring tasting vegetable I have ever had. This place did not even try to make the green beans taste good. Heating them up is not cooking.

My son had a shrimp poboy. He liked it, so I tried it too. The shrimp on it was actually my favorite part of the meal. They weren't fried. They were grilled. But what made them good was what was added to the sandwich. It seemed like brown mustard and cocktail sauce, but my son may have added the cocktail sauce.

Some people may like this place and will be willing to pay for it. But I agree with the OP - they should not advertise this stuff as having New Orleans flavor. It's the opposite of New Orleans. It's what New Orleans food tries NOT to be.

I'll take Zachary's over Fish Place any day. 

CrazyDiamond --- 7 years ago -

My experience with New Orleans is the filth and crime that relocated to Houston after Katrina. That, and my buddy getting mugged/robbed as we touristed the city.

Never again. 

CrazyDiamond --- 7 years ago -

N.O. makes me think of depraved cRap music, "written" by felons that are stuffed in our faces by the MSM, as acceptable "Humans", a lot like NBA and NFL.

Every millionaire "afflete" has tens of fambly membas still on da welfare.

Simply paying to attend a game, watch one on PPV, or buying a hat enables this cRap. 

Perfection --- 7 years ago -

What's the obesity rate in New Orleans? 

Aah Grasshoppa --- 7 years ago -

Tinman you are right. Steamboat Bill's is the real deal. 

Zlatsky --- 7 years ago -

Kenner to be exact.

Sorry to hear that. 

Ashley87 --- 7 years ago -

New Orleans smells like pee pee. As we were driving there, my Husband warned me about how nasty it was .. and boy was he right. 

zapper007 --- 7 years ago -

BTW - is it OK to bash another restaurant - when YOU are also in the food business????? 

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