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Volunteer Vacation

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Hello Dolly --- 6 years ago -

Has anyone gone on a volunteer vacation? How was that experience? Which group did you use, where did you go? 

SlimJim --- 6 years ago -

Well hellooooooo Dolly! ;-) 

reh6110 --- 6 years ago -

Our family trip this summer was to Peru to work with a medical mission trip. It was amazing! 

Leila --- 6 years ago -

Our family trip this summer was to Peru to work with a medical mission trip. It was amazing!

Was it through a church? How does it work? Do you pay all of your expenses or do you stay with families or what? That sounds like a wonderful family trip. So meaningful. I would love to hear more about your experience. 

FabFive --- 6 years ago -

We are hoping to go on a trip to The DR. You pay for your expenses and that's it. Not through a church but a mission family that already lives there. 

reh6110 --- 6 years ago -

Yes, it was with First Pres. Kingwood. They have been going for about 15 years to different locations in Lima,Peru. You sign up to go through the church and pay for all of your own costs (air, hotel, some meals). The church provides one dinner and all lunches on site. You can choose to go for one week or two. We do VBS and medical missions. There is also an opportunity to take a beginning of the week trip around the city and to end your trip by going to Machu Pichu. 

Kayry --- 6 years ago -

I would love to do a vacation with a purpose like what's mentioned above or something to do with helping animals in need! :) 

Ed Earl --- 6 years ago -

I have been on a few. We did something similar to Habitat for Humanity. Repaired homes and built homes. This was done through the church. We stayed at schools. They provided meals. 

Hello Dolly --- 6 years ago -

Our church has an Ecuador mission trip annually in the summer, but I can't take off work in the summer, so I was looking for something in March or April. Just wondering. Thanks! 

Ed Earl --- 6 years ago -

Check with the radio station KSBJ. They are having a Habitat for Humanity day on Oct. 2. You could go to this and see how you like it. They also do medical missions at different times during the year. 

reh6110 --- 6 years ago -

The FPCK trips are the last week of July-the first week of August. They used to go one week in January but that is Peruivan summer and it was too hot to be outside all day long and then walk to dinner and back. Going in July/August is their winter and the average temp is about 65. It's wonderful! Such a rewarding trip. 

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